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3 Korean corn dog spots you must try

Original and rice cake hot dogs at Myungrang Hot Dog Original and rice cake hot dogs at Myungrang Hot Dog in Buena Park. | Photo by Grace Widyatmadja

Now more than ever, food can be an invaluable escape from the woes of the world. Even just a single savory bite can snap you out of a funk for a moment of bliss. Enter the showstopping Korean corn dog, a wonderfully decadent South Korean street-food staple that’s so fun to eat, it can turn even the strongest frown upside down.

1. Myungrang Hot Dog in Buena Park

Mozzarella Hot Dog at Myungrang Hot Dog in Buena Park. | Photo by Grace Widyatmadja

Mozzarella Hot Dog at Myungrang Hot Dog in Buena Park. | Photo by Grace Widyatmadja

Korean corn dog newbie? Start with the Original to familiarize yourself with the fusion of spirited flavors on a stick. This option surrounds a beef sausage with sweet rice-flour batter and a light coating of sugar to achieve the divine sweet and savory flavor that is the defining trait of these dogs. The wide selection of sauces and seasonings, from a tangy sweet chile sauce to a powdered honey-butter seasoning, amplify each bite. The Rice Cake Dog, which swaps the hot dog for a chewy rice cake, is a standout. 

Info: (714) 752-6390;


2. Mochi Dochi in Sawtelle Japantown

The tantalizing Jalapeno Cheddar Pork is a zesty flavor bomb; add the sweet potato topping for an even livelier blend of textures. The meatless, mozzarella-filled dog is ooey, gooey fun; it’s not uncommon to spot other eaters attempting to stretch the melty cheese as far as possible for a fun photo op. Speaking of pictures, the squid ink–infused batter has become an Instagram sensation, and the flavors don’t disappoint. Vegans need not worry, because the soy-based veggie dog is a scrumptious winner. 

Info: (424) 293-0146;


3. 88 Hotdog and Juicy in Koreatown

The hefty corn dogs are the star attractions, served with beef or cheese fillings, or a combination of the two. The sweet batter is airy and crisp, the perfect casing for the robust flavors within. Order the potato topping and watch as the substantial corn dog transforms into an eye-catching behemoth. Yep, those are yummy, golden french fries diced and layered onto the corn dog’s batter. Not only must it be seen to be believed, but it must be devoured, too.

Info: (213) 263-1905;

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