Driver education & safety

Resources for youth & families

A family riding bikes on a dirt path outdoors.
Help make the roads safer for everyone

Every year, injuries and deaths are caused by crashes involving drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. To help collisions, everyone should pay attention on the road and be respectful. AAA wants to give parents peace of mind with programs that help protect children whether they’re riding in the car, biking, or walking to school. Learn how you can help improve road safety.

Pathways to safety

AAA is dedicated to helping communities improve safety for everyone. Three of the biggest safety concerns in any community involve child passengers, bicycles, and pedestrians. These are the fundamentals for each and how best to implement them in your community. 

Woman buckling baby into car seat.
Child passenger safety

With children traveling more than ever, protecting them in the car is critical. AAA resources can help you find the right car seat for children.

Woman riding bicycle on a road.
Bicycle safety

There are more big vehicles on the road every day. Understanding how to safely share the road with bike riders is vital for cyclists and drivers.

Boy looking before crossing street
Pedestrian safety

Crossing a busy street can be dangerous. To help, AAA has compiled some of the best ways for drivers and pedestrians to stay safe on the road.

School safety information & educational materials for all ages

Boy running near school bus as girls walk behind him.
School safety patrol

This celebrated AAA program has provided children a sense of safety during their trips to and from school for over 100 years. Older children serve their classmates by directing children crossing the street.

Crossing guard holds stop sign while chidren cross the street.
School's Open – Drive Carefully

The annual School’s Open – Drive Carefully campaign uses creative design to remind drivers and pedestrians to be cautious in school zones to help reduce school-related pedestrian fatalities.

Road sign with bicycle and pedestrian symbols.
Safety education materials for all ages

Learn about vehicle and road safety with free brochures, activity books, and other materials. These materials are appropriate for all ages and are delivered straight to your home. 


Expand your safety knowledge with educational workshops

Staying up to date with safety information can be tough. Let someone show you the ropes at a AAA safety workshop, with topics that include child safety seat installation, car maintenance, and more.


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Additional resources

son and dad standing in front of car
Teen driving

Teen traffic safety and educational programs are a priority for AAA. Help your teen develop lifelong safe driving habits and prepare them for the road.

seniors reading
Senior driving

AAA offers traffic safety and educational programs that are geared toward keeping mature drivers safely on the road for as long as possible.

cars driving on highway in the rain
Driver improvement

AAA wants members to enjoy the open road. That’s why we offer state-approved driver improvement courses to help keep motorists safe.