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      Featured offers

      Pleasant Holidays
      Stay closer to home & cruise the majestic waterways of the U.S.

      Book your adventure with Pleasant Holidays to take advantage of limited-time offers on cruises that are sailing now.

      Women sitting poolside
      Save up to 15% on hotels1

      With expected capacity restrictions, book now to secure preferred accommodations at many of AAA’s Best of Housekeeping properties.

      Massachusettes Fall Foliage
      Save up to $600 on U.S. luxury guided vacations

      Explore the diverse scenery, culture, and history that make up this magnificent country.

      Couple sitting in chairs on the beach
      Save up to $25 on the base rate of a Hertz rental2

      Secure your next car rental early for best availability.

      Couple floating in pink innertubes in ocean
      Up to $75 onboard credit, 50% reduced deposit, & more

      Explore Mexico, the Bahamas or the Caribbean on a Carnival cruise. 

      Couple sitting on beach holding hands
      Tropical destinations await

      Get up to $900 in value per booking on Hawai‘i vacations or up to $850 in value per booking on Mexico and Caribbean vacations when you pay in full.

      Swinging lounge chair in the Maldives
      More travel deals

      Get the latest member-exclusive offers from AAA Travel’s preferred partners including featured domestic and international vacation deals, cruises, car rentals, and hotel discounts.


      Road trip planning

      Daughter driving with mother
      Everything you need to plan your next road trip

      Embrace the open road with a variety of resources that can help you plan a road trip to remember.

      Map and Tourbook
      AAA TripTik Travel Planner

      Before your next road trip, use AAA TripTiks to get directions and maps, locate gas stations, plan for must-see destinations, and find things to do.

      AAA maps and TourBooks

      Members get free AAA maps and digital TourBook guides for destinations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

      Travel inspiration

      Samantha Brown
      Find your dream vacation with AAA Travel & Samantha Brown

      AAA has teamed up with Samantha Brown to explore the most engaging destinations in the world, and we want you to come along.

      Couple looking a laptop screen
      Explore the world from home with virtual travel shows

      Journey across the U.S. or experience Europe during virtual shows featuring preferred travel partners.

      Woman on hammock on beach
      Research vacation destinations for future travel

      Get information on things to see and do at popular destinations with articles, podcast episodes, and more. 

      Travel articles

      Woman hiking across log bridge in Olympic National Park, Washington
      7 ways to be a responsible traveler at U.S. National Parks

      Heavy visitation can strain the systems in place to protect these wild lands. Learn 7 steps you can take to reduce your impact while you enjoy our national treasures.

      Helicopter tour in Hawaii
      3 extreme outdoor adventures in Hawai'i you have to try

      Expand your boundaries and whet your appetite for thrills with these awe-inspiring diversions.

      Travel resources

      Father with children at airport wearing masks

      Travel insurance

      Protect your vacation investment with Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance.

      International travel

      Before you go abroad, make sure every item on your checklist is crossed off.

      Jeep driving with canoe on roof

      Road trip planning

      Embrace the open road with a variety of resources including AAA Travel Guides.

      AAA Diamond Program

      Find hotels and restaurants that meet AAA's quality standards.

      AAA travel advisors

      Our experienced travel advisors can customize a vacation that's right for you.

      Cleaning hotel sink

      COVID-19 Information

      Read the latest travel information with tips and advice if you have travel plans.

      Why book with AAA

      1Standard AAA rate discounts are not a lowest price guarantee. Actual discounts may vary and may not apply to all room types. Subject to availability and other terms and conditions. Offers subject to change without notice. If you don't check-in to the hotel on the first day of your reservation and do not alert the hotel in advance, the hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation and may charge you a penalty. Your credit card will be used to guarantee the reservation. The hotel will charge you directly for room and tax. If you decide not to use your hotel reservation you must cancel it according to the cancel policy listed or you may be subject to a no-show penalty charged by the hotel. The hotel may require a deposit on confirmed reservations. Deposit amounts can vary from one night to all nights of the stay or another amount required by the hotel. If your hotel requires a deposit, they will charge the credit card provided at time of booking. In the event they are unable to charge the applicable deposit to the credit card provided, your reservation may be cancelled.

      2Save $5 off the base rate. Valid on daily, weekly and weekend rentals. 2-day min required. Maximum savings of $15 for weekend rental and $25 for weekly rental. Full size and higher car classes except Dream. Include PC# 210451 in reservation. Valid for vehicle pick up from 5/1/21 through 6/30/21.  Additional Driver and Young renter must be a AAA member, have a credit card in their own name and meet standard rental qualifications.

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