Roadside Assistance & mobile phone location information:


Location information we collect during your Roadside Assistance call: If you call for Roadside Assistance, we may use a service that obtains your mobile phone’s location (geolocation) to help expedite your request. Before collecting your geolocation, we ask for your consent and if received, we request a third-party service, including your cellular carrier, to obtain your geolocation during this call. The geolocation information obtained may include: (i) GPS or cellphone tower coordinates from your mobile phone provider; and (ii) date and time of your request.


How we use the location information: We may use your geolocation to identify your location to provide Roadside Assistance and for: (i) internal analytics, including mileage calculations; (ii) quality-assurance initiatives and member surveys; (iii) AAA Approved Repair (AAR) facilities when a referral is requested; (iv) requesting assistance from emergency providers (e.g., police, fire); and (v) rental car providers if a referral is requested.


Location information we share: We may share your geolocation with our authorized independent service providers, AAR facilities, our AAA personnel, and our affiliates.


Storage of location information: A complete record of your service request is stored for a period of up to 7 years.


Important message from your cellular provider (AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and others): Note: “lookup application” below refers to the third-party service that we use to automatically obtain geographic location information for the mobile phone number; and “application provider” below refers to us.


The lookup application used to identify your location is not a cellular provider application. If you agree to allow us to use this application, it may require your cellular provider to disclose your customer information, including mobile phone location information, to the application provider or some other third party. By providing your consent, you authorize your cellular provider to disclose your information to third parties to enable this application. Check the application's terms of use and the policies for more information about how the application will collect, access, use, or disclose your information. Terms of use and other policies usually are available on the application provider's website. If you aren't comfortable with the application's policies, don't use it. You acknowledge and agree that (i) your relationship with the application provider is separate from your relationship with your cellular provider; (ii) your cellular provider is not responsible for this application; and (iii) you will hold harmless your cellular provider and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, successors, and assigns from any judgments, claims, actions, losses, liabilities, or expenses arising from or attributable to this application or the acts or omissions of the application provider.


Last revised: December 5, 2016