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AAA TripTiks®

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Go on your next road trip adventure with a AAA TripTik®

Use AAA TripTiks to help plan your next trip. Your TripTik can include points of interest, attractions and events, gas stations, campgrounds, AAA discounts, restaurants, and hotel information along your journey. 


How can I get a TripTik?

Image of TripTik Travel Planner site

Use the TripTik interactive online map to plan your route and find points of interest, gas stations, and more. Plus, you can save and access your trips.

Eastvale AAA branch
At a AAA branch

Visit a AAA branch to work with a specialist to plan your route and receive your personalized, printed, and bound TripTik. 

View of Auto Club app on mobile phone
On the Auto Club App

TripTik is available on the Auto Club App. Use the app to keep your planned trip at your fingertips along the way.


AAA TourBook® Guides & AAA maps

Image of a digitl TourBook
Digital TourBook guides

Digital AAA TourBooks are available online. Conveniently access the same trusted information on mobile and desktop devices.

Finger pointing at map
AAA Map Gallery

The AAA Map Gallery has more than 400 online maps of metro areas, national parks, and key destinations to download or print.

AAA maps
Printed AAA maps & TourBooks

Members can visit a AAA branch to pick up free maps for destinations including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and more.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a trip online using TripTik Travel Planner?

  1. Once you open TripTik Travel Planner enter your starting location in the search box marked A.
  2. Enter your destination in the search box marked B.
  3. Optional: Use the plus sign to add stops to your route.
  4. Select START TRIP to generate the route.

Once I build my trip in TripTik Travel Planner, how do I save it?

  1. Open TripTik Travel Planner and start by selecting Your Account in the top right corner to log in.
  2. After logging in, select START TRIP to run the route.
  3. In the trip details section below the input fields, select the heart icon to save the trip.
  4. Enter a name for your trip in the Save a Trip pop-up window. Choose a meaningful title so it’s easy to find later.
  5. Select OK to save the route.

How do I find saved trips or places in TripTik Travel Planner?

  1. Open TripTik Travel Planner and start by selecting Your Account in the top right corner to log in.
  2. After logging in, select Your Account (upper left corner) and choose Saved Trips or Saved Places. Your saved trips or places will be alphabetized.

Where do I find TripTik in the mobile app?


Open the app, select the more icon, scroll to the travel section, and choose TripTik Travel Planner.

To download the app, text APP10 to 99000 to receive a link to download the app or visit the Auto Club App page.

How long does it take to get a TripTik in a AAA branch?


Once you and a AAA specialist plan your route, it typically takes 15-20 minutes for a short trip and up to 60-90 minutes for a cross-country trip.