Second duplicate passports

Do I need a second duplicate passport?

While in most cases, you probably won't need a second duplicate passport, we outline specific situations where you may be authorized to get a second or duplicate passport.

The United States has a rule that “no person shall bear or be in possession of more than 1 valid or potentially valid passport of the same type at any 1 time." The exception is a second duplicate passport which can be obtained if you meet certain criteria and your circumstances allow the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs to authorize a second passport.


  • You plan to visit a country that will deny you a visa because your current passport contains markings showing you traveled to other countries that conflict with those country's policies. For example:

    • You plan to visit Country A which requires a visa, and you have previously visited Country B.

    • Country A will not issue you a visa because your passport has markings from Country B, thus denying you entry into Country A.


  • You need to travel, but your passport is unavailable because you've submitted it as part of the process of getting a travel visa, or another foreign governmental process that requires your passport.


In these cases, the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs will review your situation and approve or deny your request for a second duplicate passport. They will ask for some key information to make their decision:


  • Are you able to complete your travel plans by changing your itinerary?
    • If you can change your travel plans, they will likely deny your request. 
    • If you can't change your plans, they may approve your request.


  • Can you cancel your current passport and obtain a new one?
    • This may require you to delay or forgo your future travel plans if your passport is at a foreign embassy or consulate along with paperwork to obtain a travel visa or other document. 
    • If you’re in the process of obtaining a travel visa and cancel the passport used on your application, the visa will likely no longer be valid. You’d have to start the process again with your replacement passport, forcing you to delay or forgo your travel plans.


There are a few circumstances that are not considered valid to obtain a second passport:


  • You still have your current passport and know where it is, but can’t retrieve it. Some examples are:
    • It's locked in a safe deposit box and you can’t find the key.
    • You're moving and have packed it in a box, but can’t find it. 
    • It's being held by a foreign embassy or consulate for processing a travel visa or other paperwork.


  • You submitted your passport to a foreign embassy or consulate for a travel visa or other documents, and they lost your passport. In this instance, you must declare your passport as lost or stolen, and apply for a replacement passport.


Another thing to keep in mind is a second duplicate passport is only valid for 2 years and can’t be extended beyond that. If you frequently travel between countries that could deny entry based on passport markings, you’ll have to carefully manage your duplicate passports, and you’ll have to complete the application process every 2 years.


These situations can be complex to navigate, which is why AAA has partnered with RushMyPassport to help you determine the best approach based on your circumstances, and help expedite the passport and travel visa application process. If you think you need a second duplicate passport, start your application or chat with a professional who can help you decide what works best for your situation. 


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