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Travel visa services by RushMyPassport
  • Skip the lines and avoid the hassle of driving or even flying to embassy or consulate offices
  • Enjoy concierge-level service from the comfort of home
  • Professional and experienced travel visa specialists will assist you every step of the way 
  • Fast turnaround time for your tourist travel visa
  • AAA exclusive rates on Global Tourist Visa expedited courier services through RushMyPassport

Frequently asked questions

Family on vacation
Get your travel visa photos taken at a AAA branch

Members save at least 30% on a set of 2 visa photos.1


  • Members at the Classic level of benefits pay $10, plus tax
  • Plus® members pay $8, plus tax
  • Premier® members receive a set for free
  • Non-members pay $15, plus tax

Do-it-yourself travel visa resources

If you have time and want to secure a travel visa yourself, the U.S. Department of State is a great starting point to research visa requirements for U.S. citizens traveling abroad. Keep in mind that AAA Travel Advisors don't have passport or travel visa forms and can't provide assistance with your application, but they can help with the photos you'll need to submit with your application. 


Since the travel visa requirements vary by country and often change, we recommend seeking out expert help from RushMyPassport to ensure you submit your tourist visa application correctly the first time and avoid delays. 


Reconsidering doing it yourself & need help?

Many members decide to use a professional service after starting a travel visa application by themselves. If you'd like help, RushMyPassport can take the guesswork out of getting your tourist visa. 

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