7 reasons why you should choose a cruise

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Whether it’s from movies and TV, or stories from friends and family, you likely have some idea of what a cruise vacation is like, even if you’ve never taken one yourself.

Oftentimes that conception is a misconception. Some travelers balk at what they see as the prepackaged nature of a cruise trip; others might be hesitant about being “stuck” on a ship for a week, worried they'll feel bored or pent-up.

Here’s the thing: Cruises come in all kinds and encompass a wide range of different experiences, itineraries, and amenities, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all category of vacationing. There’s a lot to recommend about a cruise getaway, from the variety of activities and luxuries to the novelty of its outside-the-ordinary routine and rhythm, and there’s a good chance your first voyage won’t be your last. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a cruise for your next vacation.

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1. Get away from it all in luxury & comfort

While it’s easier than ever to stay connected to folks back home while on a cruise, a shipboard getaway also offers a convenient opportunity to do just that: unplug from the world and get away. The exoticism of the cruise experience—the offshore leisure, the faraway ports-of-call—lends itself to quality time away from ever-needy screens and the 24/7 clamor of news and information. It can be a refreshing break, and an opportunity to embrace the pleasure of the moment—something most of us, lamentably, don’t get very often.

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2. The perfect family vacation

As wonderful and memory-making as family vacations often are, they can be hard to pull off because it’s no straightforward task to find a destination or mode of travel that aligns with everybody’s interests and offers the ideal balance of togetherness and alone time.

A cruise can hit all the right notes: giving the whole gang a thrilling shared experience, serving up a smorgasbord of kid-friendly activities, and providing the grownups lots of chances to enjoy some time to themselves.

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3. The all-inclusive appeal

Meals are included in the cost of most cruises, and the dining’s often of gourmet caliber. It may include themed and/or regionally appropriate menus that serve up some culture alongside the flavors, making it an all-out highlight of many a cruise. With some cruise lines also offering all-inclusive drink packages, you could make an argument that the best way to wine and dine is on the high seas.

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4. Variety, variety, variety

With plenty of onboard activities, nightly live entertainment (on many cruises), and diverse ports of call, a cruise vacation certainly keeps things interesting. Achieving the same variety of sights and experiences a cruise delivers can be a tall order on a self-guided trip. The occasional bout of boredom is almost unavoidable on any extended vacation, but it’s hard to be bored on a good cruise. There’s always another spa treatment or wellness class to try, a different menu item to sample, or picturesque harbor to explore.

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5. Sample many destinations & come back to your favorites

Cruising is a great way to experience many vacation spots without having to dedicate an entire trip to a single destination. Rather than guessing which Caribbean island or Alaskan town is the right fit, you can spend a little time at each destination on a cruise. If you find yourself wishing you had more time at one of them, you may have just discovered your next vacation.

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6. Lock into the soothing rhythm of the sea

Oceangoing travel casts a seductive spell even beyond all the bells and whistles of a luxury vacation package. Just being on the water day after day, reveling in seascape sunrises and sunsets and panoramas of glinting waves, gets you into a different frame of mind. While there may be plenty of entertainment to pursue onboard and via shore excursions, it’s also possible to let the mesmerizing lull of the sea take center stage.

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7. There's a cruise for everyone

There are lots of different kinds of cruises, which means there’s a good chance there’s one out there that's perfect for you. You may want a general purpose, variety pack cruise combining rest and relaxation with sightseeing and shopping. If you’re looking for some full-bore pampering, you might opt for a cruise that emphasizes sunbathing, poolside leisure, and luxury. Maybe you’re a history buff, in which case a historical-sightseeing cruise is likely to excite. Nature enthusiasts, meanwhile, have a variety of ecotourism and adventure cruises at their disposal, exploring such awe-inspiring destinations as Alaska, Patagonia, and Antarctica.

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