5 reasons why small-group tours are great for family reunions

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Private small-group guided vacations offer unique benefits to families looking to reunite after months of being apart during the pandemic. 

"Family reunion" usually brings to mind hosting extended family at home or renting a banquet hall for a catered party, but small-group travel is another option. You'll break the pandemic tedium, see familiar faces in exciting new places, and relive old memories even as you make new ones.

1. It marks & celebrates the end of a long separation

With activities and holidays on hold, it often felt like time was standing still during the pandemic. Facing major life events—birthdays, weddings, additions to the family, funerals, graduations—without loved ones made it even worse. And while things are beginning to return to normal thanks to vaccines, for many families, the "time warp" won't truly end until they meet up again.

A reunion trip can be an emphatic milestone for the whole family that the long separation is finally over and we can see and celebrate one another in person once more. As with the rest of the pandemic recovery, the emotional recovery is likely to proceed slowly and gradually, so having a tangible end to isolation can help make it more real.

It's also a great opportunity to catch up on family news. That could mean throwing a belated party for newlyweds and graduates, meeting new members of the family, or remembering those who have passed.

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2. You'll create new memories while reliving old ones

Talk long enough and pretty much any family conversation will eventually lead to retelling old stories. At many family reunions, this is the main event. A vacation reunion is an opportunity to stroll down those familiar old paths, but also a chance to add to the collection with exciting new memories and experiences.

That's especially true of small-group journeys within the United States, which focus on places most tourists don't go. That can include festivals, wine tastings, food experiences, indigenous culture, lesser-known national parks, and other destinations off the beaten path.

3. You probably want to travel anyway, so go with people you trust

After months of travel restrictions and advisories, most people are eager to stretch their legs anywhere other than home. A family-exclusive guided vacation lets you get back into traveling with a bubble of people you trust.

There are plenty of other benefits, too. Unlike a regular guided vacation package, you won't have to worry about interruptions from fellow travelers you don't know, or have to plan your day around their needs. The atmosphere is different from a typical tour where people are just getting acquainted by the time it's over. Most importantly, everything is just more fun with family—sharing photos back home isn't the same as being there together.

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4. Activities let you spend more time together

No matter how long you've been separated, you can only sit and chat with family for so long before people start getting bored. Breaking up the days with active family bonding time, like sightseeing or hiking, helps prevent people from going stir-crazy.

Guided vacations also help keep people from getting tired of one another with customized breakout time for smaller groups. That way, everyone doesn't have to agree on every activity or spend every moment together. For example, older family members can enjoy an evening wine tasting while the younger ones attend a local music festival. 

5. Small groups are great for novice travelers

Not everyone is a frequent or experienced traveler. Not everyone has a passport or can afford an international trip, either. Small-group adventures in 2021 and 2022 will focus on domestic destinations like the American Southwest, offering a high-end experience for travelers of all comfort levels. That makes these trips a great option for nearly anyone, especially those who are interested in traveling more and would like to do so with familiar faces.

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