13 of Europe's most picturesque castles

The Castle of the Moors, at left, and the Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal, offer beautiful views of each other.

There are lots of ways to compare castles—by size, by age, by the longest they ever held out against a siege—but for travelers, beauty may be the most important.  

From medieval ruins overlooking the Atlantic to Romanesque spires in the Alps, these scenic fortresses each bring something special to the table, making them the perfect settings for a fairy tale adventure in the Old World. 

1. Castel del Monte

Known for: A unique geometric design

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II was an avid patron of the 13th-century maths and sciences, so it’s no surprise he built the Castel del Monte as a tribute to geometry. Its 8 walls are laid out in a precise octagon, with an octagonal tower at each of the 8 corners. Each of the castle’s 2 floors has 8 rooms, and an 8-sided courtyard in the center opens to an 8-sided view of the sky.

Spanning more than 750 years of history, the castle would be used as a hunting lodge, a prison, and even a radio navigation beacon during World War II, and it is still in excellent condition today. Its uncanny limestone walls are visible for miles around the Apulian countryside, beckoning visitors to come explore.

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2. Mont-Saint-Michel

Known for: A castle in the sea

It’s not unusual for castles to be defended by a moat or a lake, but Mont-Saint-Michel takes things to the next level. The towering Gothic fortress sits on an island just off the coast of Normandy, and at high tide is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, driving off or drowning any would-be besiegers.

Founded by the bishop of Avranches after a vision of the archangel Michael (hence the name), Mont-Saint-Michel began as an abbey at the island’s rocky peak in the 10th century. The surrounding village and fortifications took shape over the centuries as various rulers took advantage of the terrain. The castle famously repelled all English attacks during the Hundred Years’ War. A site of pilgrimage for more than 1,000 years, millions of modern-day pilgrims continue to visit what the French call La Merveille, crossing the waters to take in the one-of-a-kind landscape.

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3. Pena Palace

Known for: A colorful mix of styles

Looking down on Lisbon from the Sintra Mountains, the eclectic Pena Palace breaks with most castle conventions. Portuguese king Ferdinand II, known as the “artist king,” built the Romanticist castle in the mid-1800s as a mix of Gothic, Moorish, Romanesque, and Manueline styles in vibrant yellows, blues, and reds. Islamic-inspired horseshoe gates deliver visitors to terraces surrounded by towers of all different heights and covered in a dizzying array of window shapes and crenellations.

The Pena Palace is surrounded by the Pena Park, which is just as eclectic as the castle: American sequoias and Australian ferns grow alongside Chinese ginkgos and Japanese cypresses to create a lush fairy tale forest unlike any other. Visitors can look north to see another fortress, the medieval Castle of the Moors, whose ramparts snake across the mountainside.

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4. Bled Castle

Known for: A dramatic lakeside setting

Slovenia isn’t usually at the front of Americans’ minds when thinking of a European trip, but the stunning scenery of Lake Bled holds its own against anything the big names can offer. The castle’s perch on a cliff 425 feet above the lake provides panoramic views of the lake, its island, the town, and the Julian Alps—including Mount Triglav, the 3-pointed peak and national symbol that adorns Slovenia’s flag.

Hike to the castle for the view and you’ll also find a mix of medieval Romanesque and later Renaissance architecture; don’t miss the frescoes in the chapel. The highlight for most visitors, though, is a visit to the church on the island in the middle of the lake down below. Make your way there via a traditional pletna boat to ring the church’s bell, which legend holds can grant wishes if rung the right way. 

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5. Neuschwanstein Castle

Known for: Inspiring Disney’s castles

This reigning king of fairy tale castles sits at the northern end of the Alps in Bavaria and looks familiar even to those who haven’t seen it before. That’s because Walt Disney drew on its design for both the Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella castles, incorporating its many narrow towers and Romanesque arches into his films and theme parks.

That fairy tale legacy is fitting because King Ludwig II of Bavaria built Neuschwanstein itself in the 1880s as a tribute to medieval Arthurian legend. Meant to recreate the castle of the Knights of the Holy Grail, the interior is ornately decorated with sumptuous scenes from the stories of the knights Parzival and Lohengrin. Ludwig is said to have identified so strongly with the Knights of the Holy Grail that he even planned a ceremonial “knights’ bath” for ritual bathing, though it was never completed.  

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6. Kilchurn Castle

Scotland, United Kingdom
Known for: Views of the Scottish Highlands

Clan Campbell, one of the largest and best-known Scottish Highland clans, built Kilchurn Castle in the mid-1400s to guard the northern end of scenic Loch Awe. For the next 150 years, the Glenorchy branch of the Campbells ruled the surrounding area with Kilchurn as the seat of their power. Eventually, they moved to Taymouth Castle, and after an uneventful few centuries, Kilchurn was severely damaged by a lightning strike and abandoned in the late 1700s.

Visitors today can hike around the castle ruins. Though currently closed for conservation, climbing to the top of the castle’s 4-story tower when it’s open provides magnificent views of Loch Awe. If you’re looking for an Instagramable picture, get tips on how to take perfect travel photos, then make your way to the loch’s eastern shore for the ideal vantage point (and maybe even some sheep in the foreground).

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7. The Alhambra

Known for: The peak of Moorish architecture

The Alhambra castle complex gets its name from Qalat al-Hamra, Arabic for “the red fortress,” referring to its walls made from iron-rich red clay. Built primarily during the 13th and 14th centuries by the Nasrid dynasty, it sprawls across a plateau above the Andalusian city of Granada and is perhaps the world’s best-preserved example of medieval Islamic architecture.

Horseshoe gates and arches abound, often with seemingly impossibly thin supports. Elaborate outdoor courtyards and gardens, such as the Court of the Lions, are home to clever water features and extremely intricate plaster carvings. Interior rooms feature stalactite-like honeycombs, known as muqarnas, that bridge arches, walls, and ceilings. Rooms called miradors bring the indoors and outdoors together with spectacular views of old town Granada and the snowy Sierra Nevada.

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8. Hohenwerfen Castle

Known for: Hollywood’s favorite Alpine castle

Fans may recognize this castle as the fictional “Schloss Adler” from either the 1968 war movie Where Eagles Dare or the 2015 TV series The Man in the High Castle, both of which were filmed here in the suitably dramatic Berchtesgaden Alps. The fortress is also visible in 1965’s The Sound of Music, famously shot in and around Salzburg, in the scene where Maria first teaches the von Trapp children to sing Do-Re-Mi.

The castle was built atop a massive rock in 1077 by the prince-bishop of Salzburg, and the castle walls reach up and down at precipitous angles to accommodate a courtyard with marvelous views of the nearby mountains. Visitors can get to the castle on foot or by funicular ride. Attractions include bird-of-prey demonstrations and a falconry museum, as well as reenactors in medieval garb.

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9. Arundel Castle

England, United Kingdom
Known for: Verdant landscapes around a medieval mound

Arundel Castle owes its existence to William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066 and was crowned as its king. William’s supporters built castles around the kingdom to strengthen William’s hold. The Earl of Arundel was one of them and built Arundel Castle in 1068 as a motte castle, a circular keep atop an artificial dirt mound more than 100 feet tall. Later centuries saw the castle expand around the motte, which is still in the castle’s center.

Arundel’s medieval stone architecture has been exquisitely restored and preserved, and the castle fits seamlessly into the rolling green hills of Sussex. Climb the walls to the keep atop the motte for commanding views of the courtyards and countryside, head to the castle gardens to see what’s in season, and then check out the nearby French Gothic Arundel Cathedral. 

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10. The Three Towers of San Marino

San Marino
Known for: Panoramic views near Rimini

The Italian peninsula was once covered in city-states. San Marino, the world’s oldest and smallest republic, is the sole survivor, perhaps thanks to these 3 fortresses. Its capital city (also called San Marino) sits atop the western slope of the aptly named Monte Titano, and each of its 3 precipitous peaks is home to one of these castles. All 3 are featured on San Marino’s flag.

The 2 open towers offer sweeping views of the landscape off Monte Titano’s steep eastern cliffs, with Rimini and the coast visible on clear days. Guaita is the oldest tower, dating to the 11th century, with a church and outer defensive wall. The 13th-century Cesta sits on a slightly higher peak and features a museum with medieval weaponry. Montale is the smallest and newest tower, and isn’t open to visitors, but its narrow silhouette makes for dramatic pictures. 

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11. Dunluce Castle

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Known for: Castle ruins right on the Atlantic coast

The ruins of Dunluce Castle, perched on a rocky outcrop above the Atlantic, are a picturesque meeting of land and sea. They’re so picturesque that Dunluce served as the fictional castle Pyke, home of the Greyjoys, on HBO’s Game of Thrones (though with some CGI enhancement). Beneath the castle is the enormous Mermaid’s Cave, which opens directly to the sea.

Dunluce Castle itself is accessible by bridge and is surrounded by steep drops on all sides. It’s had a turbulent history, changing hands between feuding clans at least once, and was partially owned by Winston Churchill at one point. The weather can still be turbulent, and the castle looks especially dramatic when the waves are crashing against the cliffs. On clear days, sunset is a beautiful time to visit. 

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12. Rosenborg Castle

Known for: Extensive public gardens

No hike is required to visit this castle in the center of Copenhagen, the Danish capital. King Christian IV built the Dutch Renaissance-style castle as a summer house in the 17th century, which is reflected in its luxurious interior and extensive gardens. Tour the interior to see the Marble Room (built in what the castle museum itself describes as “pompous Baroque style”) and the fine tapestries of the Knights’ Hall.

Outside, take in the expansive King’s Gardens by strolling along the tree-lined Knight’s Path and Lady’s Path (Kavalergangen and Damegangen, respectively) to see mulberry, pear, and apple trees, as well as flowers and bronze statues, all with the castle in the background. 

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13. Chateau de Chenonceau

Known for: Being built on top of a river

Many castles were built beside rivers to ensure an ample supply of water. The Chateau de Chenonceau does them one better by being built directly on top of the river Cher. The castle started out as a tower beside the river, designed by French noblewoman Katherine Briconnet. King Henry II’s mistress Diane de Poitiers expanded it with a bridge across the Cher, and Catherine de Medici added the buildings atop the bridge.

The castle would pass down through many more women, gaining the moniker “the Ladies’ Chateau” thanks to their efforts to expand and renovate it. Today, visitors can stroll through the geometric gardens (one built by Diane, one built by Catherine), see the Renaissance-era furniture, appreciate the chapel’s stained glass, and see why the Chateau de Chenonceau is France’s most-visited chateau after Versailles.

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