AAA finds travelers are increasingly spicing up travel with food-centered trips


AAA’s latest travel survey has found that food and dining are becoming a more central part of many travelers’ vacation experiences: An estimated 22 million Americans expect to take a culinary-focused vacation in the next 12 months. 

The survey also asked travelers whether food and dining are an important part of their travel experiences, and whether they’ve engaged in “unique dining activities” while traveling. The results make it clear that Americans are embracing culinary experiences as one of their reasons for traveling, with millennials leading the way.

People cooking

An estimated 22 million Americans

expect to take a culinary-focused vacation in the next 12 months

3 in 4 Americans

feel that food and dining are an important part of their travel experiences

'Unique dining experiences' on the rise

Food is part of any trip by necessity, so it's not surprising that survey respondents listed it as an important aspect of travel. But the shift in attitude goes deeper: Increasingly, travelers are specifically seeking out activities that are focused on cuisine, such as touring wineries and distilleries, eating with local families, and engaging in hands-on experiences such as cooking classes led by local chefs. Younger travelers in particular are driving the trend, with almost 9 in 10 millennials saying they’ve taken part in cuisine-focused experiences abroad.


80% of Americans

have engaged in unique dining activities while traveling

88% of millennials

have done so, more than Generation X or baby boomers


Most popular foodie destinations



A buffet on a cruise ship

Ready to begin your foodie adventure?

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