Enhanced Cleanliness to Welcome You Back

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With its focus on safety first and wellbeing always, Hyatt is implementing enhanced protocols to welcome you back to their hotels and resorts and re-experience the joy of travel. Hyatt has collaborated with medical experts from Cleveland Clinic, among other trusted medical and industry advisors, to fine-tune all operating procedures including staff training, enhanced cleaning protocols, as well as hiring a Hygiene and Wellbeing Leader at every property.  Not all measures will be visible, but all have been strategically executed in different areas of the hotel with your health and safety in mind.



Some Hyatt properties have suspended valet services, but those that still offer it will have the following control measures in place:


  • Attendants will wear masks and practice social distancing and non-physical greetings.
  • Car seats, handles, steering wheels, or any surface that is touched by the attendant will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each driver/customer shift.
  • Outside surfaces of water bottles or any amenities will be sanitized before being supplied.  Some properties may supply customers with hand sanitizer or extra face masks.
  • Colleagues will disinfect hands and trolley before handling any luggage.




Even though the staff may look different to you wearing masks and possibly gloves, they remain graciously welcoming, just like their hotel lobbies do. Newly enacted practices include:


  • A glass or plexi-screen partition is installed at the reception desk to safely separate guests from associates.
  • Some furnishings have been rearranged or removed to ensure social distancing between guests.
  • Surfaces will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. 
  • Sanitizer dispensers are strategically placed throughout the lobby and hotel for guest use.
  • Associates must sanitize hands before and after handling any cash. They will usually express their preference for card payment.
Hyatt Hotels check-in


Since most of your time will be spent in the guestrooms, Hyatt has implemented enhanced cleaning measures to ensure your continued wellbeing. Guestrooms will be sanitized and disinfected (not just cleaned) and linens will be changed every three days for guests staying longer than three days, unless more frequent cleaning is requested. This preference should be requested at the time of check-in when possible.


  • Sanitizing wipes will also be available for each guestroom. 
  • Guestrooms will only be cleaned by Housekeeping staff when the room is empty. 
  • Handles, light switches, remote control, thermostat, phones, coffee maker, and all high-touch areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Upon completion of tasks in each guestroom, the Housekeeping attendant will dispose of used gloves and masks and replace them with clean Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Hyatt Hotels housekeeping


To ensure the safe provision of food and drink within the hotel, restaurant and bar staff will be separated into two teams; those handling clean food and drink for service, and those who are responsible for the removal of items from tables after service. Other changes that you may notice include:


  • Displayed QR codes for guests to look up menus on their phones to avoid handling physical materials.
  • Tables will be arranged to adhere to social distancing indoors and outdoors.
  • Food and drink will be covered when being brought to guests. 
  • Servers will maintain a reasonable distance from guests when placing food and drinks onto the table. 
  • Straws, stirrers, condiments, and salt and pepper shakers will be provided upon request.


Spa and Fitness

Fitness, Spa, and Pool areas will have equipment and furniture rearranged to allow for safe use and to limit the number of people within any area. Some properties have even moved some classes outdoors. All equipment used will be disinfected after each class. 


  • Sanitizer will be available for guests to use before and after using fitness equipment.
  • Equipment is set up with appropriate spacing to maintain social distancing. 
  • There will be a 45 minute maximum usage time limit on cardio equipment due to the availability of equipment. 
  • The number of pool chairs will be reduced on the pool deck to adhere to social distancing. 
  • Therapists will always wear a mask during any sort of spa treatment.
Hyatt Hotels sanitizing fitness equipment

With these enhanced cleaning and safety protocols, Hyatt has raised the standard, so you can book with confidence and stay with peace of mind. To encourage travel, Hyatt has also implemented flexible cancellation policies and extended World of Hyatt loyalty benefits while accelerating point earnings. Through December 20th, World of Hyatt members can earn 3X points starting with their second stay when they register at hyatt.com/bonusjourneys.com by August 31st.  

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Pack your bags, fill up the tank, and arrive at a warm and safe welcome where your safety and well-being remains a top priority.


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Many travel destinations have implemented COVID-19–related restrictions. Before making travel plans, check to see if hotels, attractions, cruise lines, tour operators, restaurants, and local authorities have issued health and safety-related restrictions or entry requirements.