Moving? Check Out These Tips to Help Get You Started

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Moving can be a challenging experience, but a little advice can make the process much easier. Here are some tips that can help you make good decisions, create effective plans, and get a head start on your move.

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Give yourself a head start

Moves are complicated, involved affairs that require you to coordinate everything from forwarding your mail to making sure you schedule the right time for your movers to arrive on the big day. There's no getting around the time and effort you'll have to put in—beyond splitting up tasks with your spouse or roommates, of course—but you can make the process easier by starting to take action as early as possible. Once you know you're going to move, start making a list of all the individual tasks you know you have to complete before the big day. Some common ones to keep in mind include:


  • Gathering estimates, hiring movers, and deciding if you want additional services, like professional packers to handle the substantial task of gathering and safely boxing up your belongings.

  • Gathering packing supplies if you're not hiring movers. That could mean purchasing them directly or getting in touch with local businesses and checking in with area social media groups to see if you can pick up boxes for free.

  • Scheduling shutoff dates for your utilities and other services, like cable TV and internet, at your old home and turning them on at your new one.

  • Cleaning your home before moving out.

  • Setting up a move-out date and final inspection with your landlord if you rent.

  • Planning a route to your new home on moving day, which is especially important for cross-country and other long-distance moves.


There are a number of other tasks that you may need to complete for your move specifically. Make a running list, then use a calendar—whether on your wall or your smartphone—to split up the work so that you can track progress over time and avoid the last-minute anxiety that comes with a lack of preparation.

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Plan out the first few days in your new home

Moving from your old home to your new one involves many transitions. Planning ahead can make your first few days after the move more comfortable and manageable. You should be sure to pack a first-night bag that includes all the things you may need before you're fully unpacked and settled in. Items to consider include:


  • Clothes, for work and for putting the finishing touches on your move at home.

  • Medications, toiletries, towels, and any other sundries you use on a regular basis.

  • A set of sheets for each bed.

  • Charging cords for your phones, tablets and laptops.

  • A small number of plates and cups, or a few packages of the disposable variety.
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Find dependable movers and packers

Dependable and professional movers and packers make the entire process that much easier. Finding good movers means reaching out to local companies to see what they offer and ensuring that their operations are trustworthy. Price is an important factor, but the lowest price shouldn't be your only consideration. Keep an eye out for estimates that seem excessively low compared to the other ones you've received, as these are often signs of a moving scam or a company that won't provide an acceptable level of service and professionalism.

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