10 Random Acts of Fitness

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Dancing in the kitchen

Moving more throughout the day can increase calories burned and lead to better fitness. Like random acts of kindness, these tiny but effective efforts here and there can add up positively.


Here are 10 ideas to turn everyday moments into unplanned workout opportunities:


1. Make TV more active. 

The next time you watch your favorite show, spend the commercial breaks in motion. Walk briskly around the house or up and down the stairs, or do squats or planks. 


2. Burn calories in the kitchen.

When you’re waiting for dinner to cook, grab a couple of cans of vegetables and lift “weights.” Try bicep curls, shoulder presses, and other arm exercises. Or try doing standing pushups off the countertop.


3. Turn up the tunes.

Love listening to music? Let loose and dance along. You know you want to.


4. Take your pup for a walk.

Make your best friend happy while you get outside and move. No pup? Take yourself or your family for a walk around the block after dinner.


5. Walk and talk.

Take your next business call outside while you walk. Chances are you won’t even know you’re exercising.


6. Stroll instead of scroll.

Are there times each day when you tend to scroll through social media? Try trading one scroll session for a stroll instead.


7. Maximize waiting time.

While standing in line, pull your belly muscles in toward your back to build a stronger core. Hold, let go, and repeat while you wait.


8. Step up your commute.

If you are waiting for a train or bus, walk around instead of sitting on a bench.


9. Park farther away.

Park your car at the end of the parking lot that is farthest from your destination, so you can sneak in extra steps.


10. Keep climbing.

Skip the elevator and take the stairs instead for extra movement. Add extra trips up and down to boost your burn.


What better time to try some spontaneous activity than today? 


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