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2019 Northern New England Journey Photo Contest winners

Photo by Adam Donati

While the 2019 Northern New England Journey photo contest accepted photos of any of the 50 states, the top prize winners’ subjects fell within roughly a 30-mile swath not far from Maine’s and New Hampshire’s Atlantic coast. It just goes to show that we don’t have to travel far to find beauty in the tri-state region, although a few Honorable Mention winners did well by heading west. Thanks to all of the members who entered, and congratulations to those whose work appears below.

1st prize: Scorched Symmetry by Jesse MacDonald

Member from Gray, Maine

Camera: Nikon D850; Instagram:

Scorched Symmetry by Jesse MacDonald

"Several of my friends had just started winter break between semesters, and we all wanted to find a day to make our first adventure of the new year. Our schedules happened to align for this morning, so we set early alarms and made sure to have our cameras and coffee ready.

"This was my first trip to Cape Porpoise in Kennebunkport, Maine. We hoped for a worthwhile sunrise but ended up seeing one of the most vibrant and incredible displays of light most of us had ever photographed. I’ve always enjoyed traveling: Photography has added a lot of purpose to my adventures, whether they’re just down the street, in a new city, or at a real Maine gem like this spot."

2nd prize: Portland Head Light by James Hall

Member from Casco, Maine

Camera: Canon EOS 7d

Portland Head Light by James Hall

"I woke up at 3 a.m. and drove for more than an hour, hoping for a beautiful sunrise at Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I wasn’t disappointed. The lighthouse in the distant background is the Ram Island Ledge Light Station. It must be the saturation that brought out the funky details.”

3rd prize: Frozen Feathered Fern Sunrise by Holly Marie Bright

Member from Danville, New Hampshire

Camera: iPhone X

Frozen Feathered Fern Sunrise by Holly Marie Bright

"My fiancé and I purchased a 1734 home last year in Danville, New Hampshire. While the original glass-pane windows do not give a crystal-clear photo, we awoke on a subzero morning to this scene of crystallized fern-like feather sculptures visible out of our top-floor windows. Winter is my favorite season and always has been, by far. I have loved photography more than anything else from a very early age and was always drawn to unique lighting opportunities and the astounding unseen images that can be missed on a daily basis.”

Honorable mention: Bubble Mountain by Steven Evrard

Member from Gorham, Vermont

Camera: Nikon D610 

Bubble Mountain by Steven Evrard

“I went camping at Acadia National Park with my son for the weekend. We walked around Jordan Pond. When we came across this particular point along our walk, the sun was in the right place to get this beautiful reflection.”

Honorable mention: Old Orchard Sunrise by Olivia Langevin

Member from Epsom, New Hampshire

Camera: Canon EOS 1dx; Instagram: @olivialangevin

Old Orchard Sunrise by Olivia Langevin

“Out of the blue, I texted a friend at 11:30 p.m. to invite her on a last-minute sunrise trip to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. We left at 4 a.m. and watched the sunrise at around 6:45. After seeing the images, I was so glad we went through with it. We got to enjoy the beautiful sky and ocean breeze to start off the morning."

Honorable mention: Slot Sunrise by Julie Butler

Member from Hampden, Maine

Camera: Canon 60D 

Slot Sunrise by Julie Butler

“After a Utah-to-Arizona tour of national parks, we visited Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. After a rainy arrival, we were lucky enough to begin our canyon tour just as the sun came out. The whole day was filled with beauty beyond words.”

Honorable mention: Unspoken Eye by Jordan Suter

Member from Hillsboro, New Hampshire

Camera: Canon EOS 40D

Unspoken Eye by Jordan Suter

“A symbol of freedom? An endangered species? Whatever you wish to call it, the North American bald eagle is a marvel to behold. With vibrant yellow eyes and contrasting feather colors, this bird’s beauty is part of what has inspired me to be a photographer.” 

Honorable mention: Fighting Bald Eagles by Phyllis Campbell

Member from Bristol, Vermont

Camera: Nikon D500 

Fighting Bald Eagles by Phyllis Campbell

“I took this photo at the Chilkat River near Haines, Alaska. Eagles gather to fatten up for the winter by feasting on the last salmon run of the season. Fights occur when an eagle attempts to steal another eagle’s salmon.”

Honorable mention: Sunrise Over Center Harbor by Mike Petipas

Member from Bristol, New Hampshire

Camera: Nikon D800

Sunrise Over Center Harbor by Mike Petipas

“During the morning hours in the late fall you can happen across what is known as smoke on the water. This occurred on one such morning during sunrise over Lake Winnipesaukee in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.”

Honorable mention: Setting Sun by Barbara O’Connell

Member from Portland, Maine

Camera: Nikon D3500; Instagram @spursmama 

Setting Sun by Barbara O’Connell

“My grown children gave me a ‘real’ camera for Christmas because I had developed an addiction to taking photos with my phone. This photo of the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, was my first outing with the new camera. I was very lucky to catch the light as the sun was going down. Of course, living in Maine is inspiring for wannabe photographers!”

Honorable mention: Franconia Winter Sunset by Adam Donati

Member from Lincoln, New Hampshire

Camera: DJI Mavic Pro (drone); Instagram: @603nectardigitalmedia

Franconia Winter Sunset by Adam Donati

“As I was driving south on Interstate 93 through Franconia, New Hampshire, the sky started changing the closer I got to the notch. I thought the colors of this sunset might make an interesting picture. Cloud cover hid the mountain range, but within a few minutes, the winds cleared around Cannon Mountain Ski Area.”

Honorable mention: Mormon Barn, Grand Teton National Park by Frank Easton

Member from Corinth, Vermont

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 

Mormon Barn, Grand Teton National Park by Frank Easton

“During a six-week tour of the Western U.S. and Canada (23 states, three provinces, 14,000 miles, 12,000 photos) with a college friend and my Australian shepherd, Gem, I took this sunrise photo of the Moulton Barn with the majestic Grand Teton Mountains in the background.

"Built between 1912 and 1945, the barn is all that remains of the Thomas Alma Moulton homestead in the Mormon Row Historic District in Teton County, Wyoming, subsequently sold to the National Park Service.”

2019 Northern New England Journey Photo Contest prizes

First prize: Round-trip coach air travel for two to Toronto on Porter Airlines; three nights’ stay for two in a suite at Hotel X Toronto by Library Hotel Collection; a private midweek Lake Ontario sail for two from Gone Sailing Adventures; a twilight Toronto Islands bicycle tour for two from Toronto Bicycle Tours; and dinner for two at Assembly Chef’s Hall. 

Second prize: Two nights’ stay for two at the Water Street Inn in Kittery, Maine; a $150 Hyatt gift card; dinner for two at Moxy in Portsmouth; a sunset cruise for two aboard the gundalow Piscataqua from the Gundalow Company; two Strawbery Banke Museum passes; two tickets for a Discover Portsmouth daily Historic Downtown walking tour; and two passes to the American Independence Museum in Exeter, New Hampshire. 

Third prize: A $250 Best Western Travel Card and two one-day Go Boston cards from Leisure Pass Group.

Honorable mention: Two one-day admission tickets to the 2020 League of NH Craftsmen Annual Craftsmen’s Fair in Newbury, New Hampshire, and a one-year AAA Northern New England membership with Classic benefits.

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