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3 scrumptious egg sandwiches in Southern California

Bulgogi Sandwich at Flippoly in Buena Park Bulgogi Sandwich at Flippoly in Buena Park. | Photo by Diane & Todd Porter

Whether poached, boiled, scrambled, or fried, the incredibly versatile egg knows no bounds. Yet far too often, the beloved egg is relegated to the role of supporting character, sitting aside a plate of pancakes or dropped atop a ramen soup. Fortunately, that’s changing, with prodigious egg sandwiches appearing prominently on more menus. Finally, the delicious and nutritious egg is getting the starring role it deserves.

1. Egg Tuck, Koreatown & Hollywood

It’s hard to determine what’s more addictive in Egg Tuck’s scrumptious egg sandwiches: the heavenly scrambled eggs or the subtly sweet house-made brioche bread. More likely, it’s the harmonious combination of the two that make each bite better than the one before.

Those who like to keep it simple should grab the Sweet Egg sandwich—fluffy eggs underneath a smattering of chives, Sriracha, and “secret sauce.” Adding a slice of crispy bacon provides a hit of salty goodness. If you prefer your eggs on the runny side, try the decadent Royal West—a short-rib beef patty, grilled onions, pickles, and cheese slathered with an over-medium egg bursting with yolk.

2. Flippoly, Buena Park

Hash Brown Sandwich at Flippoly in Buena Park | Photo by Diane & Todd Porter

Hash brown sandwich. | Photo by Diane & Todd Porter

The marvelous egg sandwiches at Flippoly are made with thick slabs of golden brioche bread that’s toasted until crispy, yet still soft to the bite. Sliced through the top but not through the bottom, the enclosed bread serves as a sturdy, envelope-like vessel, perfect for holding hearty layers of egg, toppings, and a drizzling of mayo. Add a crunchy hash brown to the mix for a lively contrast in texture.

Even better, pile on some grilled bulgogi (thin slices of Korean barbecue–style beef), which pairs wonderfully with the surrounding extravagance of egg. An array of whipped and foamy caffeine-charged Dalgona coffee drinks rounds out the menu.

3. Konbi, Echo Park

A critically acclaimed Japanese sandwich and coffee shop, Konbi has managed to reinvent the egg salad sandwich for the food-obsessed Instagram crowd. The classic egg sandwich ingredients are all on hand—creamy mayo, tangy Dijon mustard, and a scoop of scallions are tossed with chopped egg in perfect proportions. But it’s the slightly jammy hard-boiled egg resting in the sandwich’s center that provides an extra pop of flavor and undeniable visual flair.

Though this sando is arguably the menu’s breakout star, don’t ignore the layered omelet sandwich. Here, an airy omelet is cooked with dashi for maximum umami flavor and served between crustless milk bread.

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