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Dream destinations: Writers and editors share their favorite places

We can’t wait to travel again. Where to? Several of our writers and editors share their top picks.

From the Summer issue

Kayak Eco Tour tourists kayaking in the mangroves of the Everglades, Keys, Florida, USA travel. Happy man and woman looking at the wildlife in nature. Panoramic banner crop.
The coolest and wildest things to do in our national parks

What if you really want to paddle a kayak in solitude? Or surf down a giant sand dune with your kids? We've got the lowdown on where to go. 

A balm for our time

How one family found comfort from the pandemic in the great outdoors

Learn a new language

Apps and other tools that make studying a new language easy and fun.

America's scenic byways

Pack the car and hit the road. Here are seven beauties: scenic routes where the journey is the destination.


3 great adventures for outdoors enthusiasts

Here are three awe-inspiring diversions—and a look at the thrill-makers offering them—that could broaden your horizons.

The ultimate Windward O‘ahu scenic drive

Head north on the  winding two-lane Kamehameha Highway for a dose of adventure. 

Date ideas around the Hawaiian Islands

There are many ways that you and your sweetheart can write your own love stories. Here are a few.

5 eco-friendly activities across the Islands

Explore beautiful Hawai'i while learning about and protecting the Islands’ precious natural resources, and leaving them in a better state than you found them.


Texas: Where to get tasty meals on a budget

Whether you’re wheeling through small towns or exploring big cities, you can enjoy great food that won’t break the bank, if you know where to look.

Texas: A perfect Highland Lakes weekend

Base yourself in Marble Falls, and then head outdoors to enjoy mountain biking, paddling, and spelunking. 

Texas: From ghost town to artist enclave.

Spend some time In Bartlett, where you'll discover its fascinating past and its intriguing future.

Texas Kitchen: Veronica’s Mexican Manicotti

This  recipe is a south-of-the-border spin on manicotti, with pimientos, Mexican-style shredded cheese, and green onions.

New Mexico: Celebrity chefs

Meet five chefs who are solidifying New Mexico’s place on the culinary map.

New Mexico: Discover the gems along the Turquoise Trail 

The route celebrates the state’s turquoise heritage, traversing artsy towns and historic and kitschy attractions. 

New Mexico: Sawmill market

Albuquerque’s Sawmill Market food hall is reshaping the local food scene.

New Mexico: Gorgeous places to see seasonal flowers

From mountain meadows to manicured gardens, here are some of the best spots to take in the glories of spring.


Alabama: In the moment at a mindfulness retreat

At a mindfulness retreat in the mountains of Cheaha State Park, a writer learns how to quiet her internal chatter.

Alabama: Epic waterfalls worth a trip

The Yellowhammer State has hundreds of waterfalls to explore. Here are our top three.

3 romantic Alabama gardens to visit

The state's public gardens offer secret spots to snuggle in, fern-fringed paths to meander on, and artful vistas for memory making.

Alabama: Home organizing

There's a lot more to organizing than "tidying up," and Kati Wadsworth shows us how.

Arkansas: Hot Springs National Park guide

Steeped in history and lore, this park has seen its share of ruffians, dreamers, and gangsters. 

Military museums in the South

These military museums and sites commemorate the nation’s fight for freedom and honor those who served. 

Louisiana and Mississippi: Creole Creamery

Creole Creamery’s sophisticated small-batch ice creams, sorbets, and sherbets have earned it a place among the Big Easy’s legendary food destinations. There's also a location in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.


Richmond's flourishing art scene

This historic city is getting a rep for a big art scene. Here are seven places to see where and how art is thriving.

Take a history road trip to explore U.S. heritage

Drive the state's highways and back roads through 400 years of history, a journey of discovery that tells much about our nation’s evolution.

On a road trip to find 'Love'

On this drive, you'll discover LOVEWorks scuptures throughout Virginia ... on the walls, in vineyards, on benches, and more. 

New England

New Hampshire: Helping bear cubs

The nonprofit Kilham Bear Center aims to nurture, rehabilitate, and release injured or orphaned cubs.

Explore Vermont Route 100

Often called the “Skiers’ Highway” to honor the alpine giants that elevate its path, Vermont Route 100 is one of New England’s most scenic drives. 

Getaways for two

You’ll find plenty to do, whether you prefer embracing the great outdoors or embracing by the fire. 

Where to reconnect with nature

Here are six New England adventures where you can reconnect—if ever so briefly—with the great outdoors.


Missouri: Top things to do in Augusta

Known for its award-winning wines, this historic village nestled in the Missouri River Valley also brims with talented artisans, wooded trails, distinctive shops, and breathtaking hilltop vistas. 

Celebrate some of our nation’s greatest leaders

Fascinating stories about our presidents can be savored at presidential homes, museums, and other sites across the Midwest

Kansas: Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

The undulating hills of this preserve in the heart of the Kansas Flint Hills—the country’s largest remaining expanse of tallgrass prairie—showcases a rare ecosystem that extends from Nebraska into Oklahoma through central Kansas.

Other U.S. destinations

10 Top U.S. botanical gardens you have to visit

A casual stroll through a garden can provide hours of Zen-like calm and revive your own sense of resilience and well-being.

Spectacular sculpture gardens

Spring is an ideal time to visit these museums without walls. Here are 7 spots where you can discover world-class and whimsical works. 

Billy Bob's Dairyland
8 roadside diners worth the road trip

Now is a great time to load up the car, explore area destinations, and fill up on delicious cuisine as you go sightseeing. Here are a few favorite roadside eateries worth a stop.


A quick guide to 10 bucket-list national parks

Dreaming of your next outdoor adventure? Get ideas and inspiration for the best ways to explore some of our favorite national parks.

Surf buddies in Costa Rica

AAA Explorer Editor in Chief and surfer Jim Benning takes his tween daughter to Costa Rica to learn how to ride the waves.

Why all-inclusive resorts are an answer to your vacation now

All-inclusive resorts might have advantages over other types of vacations in today’s COVID-conscious world.

10 top eco-friendly resorts and hotels in the world

If you’re looking for ways to minimize your footprint as you venture back out into the world, the eco-friendly hotels, resorts, lodges, and glamping sites you’ll find here are an inspiration.

Travel safety

Man and children wearing masks at airport
What to expect if you fly during the pandemic

Planning to get on a plane? These tips will help you navigate the skies safely.

Hotel check in durting coronavirus
Staying safely in hotels

We asked experts about hotel pandemic precautions. Here's what they said.

Your hotel safety kit

Pack these items so that you're prepared for a hotel stay during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to sanitize your car

As you step up your coronavirus-era hygiene, don't forget to include your car.


Car review: 2020 Honda Insight Hybrid

The new Insight combines Honda’s excellent build quality with great fuel economy and overall value.

Showroom: 1931 Ford Model A 68C Cabriolet

Paul Magrath was a GM guy, and never thought he’d fall in love with a Ford. 

Why are auto-repair labor costs so expensive?

Why do you have to pay so much for some dude who twists wrenches on a car at a fancy dealership? Here are four factors that influence auto labor costs.

A how-to guide to buying an EV home charger

Charging vehicles at home is far more convenient, and the cost of electricity is much less than at a public charging station. Here's what you need to know to set up a home EV charging system.


15 ways to go green in your home

This spring, do more than clean your house: Green it by reducing waste, toxic chemicals, and energy use. Here’s a room-by-room guide to making your abode more sustainable.

Watch out for porch pirates

More people than ever are ordering things online. These steps will prevent the theft of packages from your porch.

3 ways to avoid costly home repairs

These simple steps may help you prevent expensive repairs to your home. 

How to make your roof leak-proof

Tips to help you and your home stay dry on a rainy day.

Food: Brunch time


A wave of inventive restaurants that opened in 2020—along with established hot spots—has gifted Alabama foodies with a wealth of brunch options.


The opportunity to celebrate has never been more welcome—and brunch is the perfect occasion.


We’ve rounded up some of our favorite area brunch spots, featuring everything from vineyard dining to tavern gems to casual hangouts. 

New England

Whether you want casual or elegant, brunch shines at these Northern New England spots.

Where to get the best Tex-Mex takeout

Here’s a look at delicious Tex-Mex restaurants around the Lone Star State, all ready for enjoyment in the comfort of your home.

Tasty vegetarian and vegan restaurants in New Mexico

With delicious restaurant options across New Mexico, eating well is easy. Here are some of our favorite places around the state to grab vegetarian and vegan meals.

Top New England doughnut shops

Whether you prefer traditional or creative flavors, this list steers you to the best doughnuts in the region.

Texas food truck feast

At these Texas food trucks, convenience and culinary wizardry go hand in hand.

The Quarter Creole Cuisine's Creole Seafood Filé Gumbo
6 restaurant recipes you can re-create at home

AAA's Southern California restaurant critics share easy-to-follow recipes from their favorite restaurants.

Sinful cinnamon rolls

Try New Hampshire food blogger Sarah Kenney’s recipe for warm, gooey cinnamon rolls.

Streak carne Asada tacos by Danny Trejo
Talking tacos with Danny Trejo

The tough-guy actor and Southern California taco titan shares stories and tasty recipes that you'll love. 

Larry’s carne guisada

Olga Humphreys' husband put his special spin on her mother’s carne guisada recipe, which was one of the family’s favorites.

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