12 superpowers a AAA membership can give you

Set of AAA-inspired superheroes

Ever wondered what it would be like to have superpowers? AAA can help. 

A AAA membership can’t make you invisible, let you read people’s minds, or give you super-speed, but it can give you a taste of other (arguable) superpowers. As a AAA member, you can:

A superhero makes a tow truck poof into existence.

1. Summon a tow truck

If you break down on the road, get a flat tire, or lock your keys in your car, your AAA membership gives you the power to summon a Roadside Service vehicle via the web or the Auto Club App, 24 hours a day. And while you won’t be able to teleport the truck through an extradimensional portal, you can follow its progress on the app as it makes its way to you.See how to summon AAA's legendary Roadside Assistance.

2. Revive or replace a dead battery

Being a AAA member won’t allow you to shoot lightning from your hands and jump-start a dead battery. It can allow you to do the next best thing by summoning a AAA Mobile Battery Service vehicle if your car won’t start, along with a replacement battery for purchase if you need one.2 Learn more about AAA Mobile Battery Service.

3. Stop identity thieves

OK, so your AAA membership can’t help you protect your city’s streets as a crime-fighting vigilante. But just as superheroes protect their secret identities, AAA can help you protect yours. AAA members can enroll in Experian’s ProtectMyID Essential® for free, which helps you detect and resolve identity threats.3 See what ProtectMyID can do for you.

4. See into the past (of a car)

Wish you could see back in time? As a AAA member, you can—for a vehicle’s service history on CARFAX, anyway. AAA members get special pricing on CARFAX vehicle history reports ordered online, and AAA Premier members get one free CARFAX report each year. Learn more and order your CARFAX with AAA savings.

A superhero with a mobile phone sidekick.

5. Get a sidekick

Your AAA membership unlocks the Auto Club App, a digital sidekick that puts your favorite AAA services and resources in the palm of your hand. Find discounts on nearby shopping and dining, find local gas prices, request Roadside Assistance, and make travel reservations, all on your phone.See what the Auto Club App can do.

6. Get yourself an iconic ride

Many superheroes have a super vehicle: Think of the Batmobile or Wonder Woman’s invisible plane. With a AAA membership, you’ve got access to AAA’s Car Buying Service, which lets you find your dream machine for less.4 Look for your next ride on AAA's Car Buying Service.

A superhero flies in front of the silhouettes of famous sights.

7. Explore beautiful locales

If the movies are to be believed, superheroes spend a lot of time away from home—though most of it is spent fighting villains, not taking in the sights. You can get away too by booking your travel through AAA, and you’ll feel like a superhero with the assistance of our experienced travel advisors and exclusive member benefits from our trusted partners. Take advantage of AAA Travel guidance and benefits.

8. Call on a personal assistant

Batman has Alfred, Iron Man has J.A.R.V.I.S.; with a AAA Premier membership, you have Allianz Concierge Services on any eligible trip more than 100 miles from home.5 A concierge specialist can help you book entertainment, make travel arrangements, provide currency exchange information, and more. Premier members can use this benefit by calling the Membership, Travel, Other Services phone number on the back of their AAA membership card.

A superhero tries to talk to a giraffe.

9. Talk to animals

AAA members get discounts to many zoos and aquariums, including the San Diego Zoo, the Georgia Aquarium, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, and more. You can talk to the animals there—they won’t understand you, but you can talk to them! Discover a zoo or aquarium with AAA member savings near you.

10. Protect your sanctuary

Every superhero has a base of operations, a secure place they can conduct their super business. You do too: your home. Home security company SimpliSafe offers AAA members a free SimpliCam and two free months of professional monitoring with the purchase of a new security system. Take advantage of this offer to outfit your home/lair/tower/cave with some high-tech security of its own. Upgrade your home's security with SimpliSafe.

A superhero lifting a car over their head.

11. Build superstrength

Not every superhero gets their strength from a laboratory accident or cosmic rays—some just work super hard at the gym. The gym option is available to AAA members through Active&Fit Direct, a program that grants access to more than 10,000 fitness centers across the U.S. and is only available through AAA, your employer, your health plan, or another association. (Just keep in mind that no amount of working out will make you stronger than a locomotive.) Get into supershape through Active&Fit Direct.

12. Get super vision

If you have an aging prescription, getting new glasses can feel like getting supersight (or at least, getting your best vision back). AAA members enjoy savings at LensCrafters, so don’t settle for vision that’s less than super. Get savings on eye care. 

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