8 ways to maximize your AAA membership in 2021

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AAA memberships provide great value—so much so that even longtime members may not be using theirs to the fullest.

You already know the basics about Roadside Assistance and AAA savings on shopping and travel. But did you know you can add other people in your household to your AAA membership at a fraction of the cost of a separate membership? Or that a AAA Premier® membership provides a free 1-day rental car when you have to be towed?1 We look at perks you may not realize you have, plus some common situations where an upgrade may be right for you.

1. Take another look at your potential towing needs

All members get 4 free calls per membership year for emergency towing or other Roadside Assistance needs, but the distance they can be towed for free depends on their membership level.

  • Members at the Classic level of benefits get 3 to 7 miles per tow (depending on territory)
  • AAA Plus® members get 100 miles per tow
  • AAA Premier members get 1 tow with up to 200 miles per household and tows up to 100 miles on remaining service calls

If you're planning a road trip with long distances and limited services, or you have a commute that takes you farther from home, look at how many miles you might need in a worst-case scenario and compare that to the towing benefits on your current membership level. And keep in mind that while the independent service provider can tow the vehicle back to its facility for free no matter how far away, if the facility can’t fix your breakdown, or you prefer to go to another facility, you may still need another long tow. 

For example, if your car breaks down while road-tripping in southern Utah and local shops can't fix the problem, you may need to be towed hundreds of miles to the nearest dealership or specialist. Out of pocket, long-distance towing can cost $5 or more per mile, so a AAA membership upgrade could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

2. Add associates to your membership

You can add eligible people in your household to your existing membership as associate members. Each person you add will get the same benefits of a "regular" membership, including their own set of 4 annual Roadside Assistance calls and their own AAA membership card, at a fraction of the cost of a new membership.

You can add your spouse or another adult and each of your children.2 Give yourself peace of mind knowing each family member has their own card and their own tows.

Mechanic inspecting the underside of a car at a AAA Approved Repair facility

3. Buying a used car? Let AAA help

AAA members can take advantage of the AAA Car Buying Service. Find the car you want from a certified dealer and feel confident in the price you’re paying.

Members at the Classic and Plus level of benefits get 20% off CARFAX vehicle history reports; members at the Premier level get 1 free CARFAX report each year, plus 40% off subsequent reports.

AAA members in California, Texas, New Mexico, Hawai‘i, and Alabama can also take advantage of savings on an 86-point inspection at a AAA Approved Repair facility, letting them have a prospective used car purchase checked out by a trusted shop. Classic and Plus level members get a discounted rate, while Premier members get a $45 mail-in rebate.

In Virginia, AAA Premier members get 50% off the price of a Vehicle Inspection Program service at any AAA Tidewater Virginia Car Care Center.

AAA Car Buying Service is only available to AAA members. Outside of Southern California, AAA Car Buying Service is managed by TrueCar, Inc. Only car buying research tools are available in Hawai‘i.

4. Use your AAA Premier benefits to the fullest

In addition to a 200-mile tow for your household each membership year, if you’re a member at the AAA Premier level of benefits, you’ve got access to Concierge Services whenever you’re planning a trip more than 100 miles from home. Arrange reservations for theaters, sporting events, golf tee times, and other events, plus get health club referrals, schedule a limo or car service, and more.

You can also take advantage of 24-hour travel assistance during your trip if something goes wrong, such as lost bag assistance, emergency airline and hotel reservations, prescription medication replacement, legal referrals, and more.3

Closer to home, AAA Premier members get a 1-day complimentary midsize rental car if their car is towed by AAA within their local club’s territory. If you need a rental for longer, members are entitled to discounted daily rates from AAA preferred providers, plus a complimentary 1-car class upgrade.

Premier members can also take advantage of home lockout service, up to $100 in locksmith services to pick or drill the lock to gain access to your home from the outside.4

  • AAA Premier members can use these benefits by calling the Membership, Travel, Other Services phone number on the back of their AAA membership card.
A AAA contractor performs a battery test on a car

5. Use the battery service that comes to you

AAA provides a convenient testing and replacement service that comes to you and your car. If your battery fails the test and needs replacing, our technician can professionally install a AAA battery5 and recycle the old one. AAA also offers a nationwide 3 year free replacement warranty.

6. Save with discounts you didn't know you had

AAA savings go beyond the theme parks, hotels, and car rentals you're probably familiar with. You may already be buying things AAA has discounts for, but not getting the savings, such as:

And that's just a handful of AAA discounts available to members—there are also gym memberships, organic groceries, glasses, gourmet steaks, luggage, emergency supplies, and more.

7. Download the Auto Club App

The Auto Club App makes it easy to use AAA services almost anywhere you go, and it actively looks for the best way your membership can work for you. 

  • Requesting Roadside Assistance through the app can be done quickly and easily, sometimes in a matter of seconds, and lets you to track your service.
  • Access your AAA membership card and AAA proof of insurance electronically6 and add them to your Apple Wallet.
  • Find nearby AAA member discounts on everyday purchases, dining options, and much more.
  • Whenever you need to fill up, save time and money by comparing low gas prices near you.7
  • Receive alerts for your upcoming AAA membership or insurance bills, and conveniently make payments in the app.
  • Text APP10 to 86792 and you’ll receive a link to download the app.8
Blue and white signs in Amorgos pointing to various world capitals and their distances

8. Plan a trip with help from AAA travel advisors

Working with AAA travel professionals is another way to get the most from your membership. Advisors may be privy to deals that most people don't know about, and will have a better idea of the best and worst times to travel, what a trip should cost, and which offers are actually deals. If there are unforeseen circumstances, an advisor can also help rebook plans and recoup expenses. 

1If AAA tows your vehicle in your AAA club's local territory, we can arrange a rental car for 1 day at no charge from a AAA preferred rental car provider. AAA Premier members are entitled to 1 complimentary 1-day midsize rental car per year, when the tow is 1 of 4 allowable Roadside Assistance calls. Service must be arranged through AAA and provided by a preferred provider. Members have up to 48 hours to request the rental and are responsible for subsequent days' charges, upgrades, vehicle insurance, mileage, fuel charges, fees, and taxes. Once the 1-day complimentary rental is used, AAA Premier members are entitled to discounted daily rates plus a complimentary 1-car class upgrade. If an upgrade vehicle is not available, members will receive the next higher car class, subject to availability.

2Maximum number, age, residency, dependent status, and/or marital status restrictions may apply for Associates. See the member guide for details.

3For eligible trips 100 miles or more from the member's primary residence. 24-Hour Travel Assistance and Concierge Services are not financial benefits. Any costs associated with a service are paid by you. AGA Service Company (dba Allianz Global Assistance) is the provider and administrator for these benefits. For a full description of terms, conditions, and exclusions please visit

4As a AAA Premier member, if you become locked out of your primary residence, you can receive up to $100 in locksmith services to pick or drill the lock to gain access to your home from the outside. Home lockout service is reserved for a AAA Premier member's primary residence only and excludes all other buildings or locked areas. The service provides up to $100 for the cost of re-keying, changing locks or making a new key only when the lock must be drilled to gain entry to the home or if keys are lost or stolen. Any charges in excess of $100, as well as all charges associated with any other residential locksmith services, are at the expense of the AAA Premier member. Home lockout service is limited to one usage per AAA Premier household per membership year. Home lockout service is not transferable to any other person. The AAA Premier member must be present at the time of service. Identification and proof of residence are required. In the case of rental property, approval of the property owner may be required. Service is subject to provider availability, and if AAA cannot provide service, the member will be referred to a commercial locksmith and will be reimbursed for covered service up to $100. Locksmith arrival time is based upon locksmith availability.

5AAA Mobile Battery Service is part of Roadside Assistance for AAA members, generally provided by independent service providers, and is only available in select areas during select hours. Batteries and battery warranties are provided by independent suppliers. The battery test and replacement service counts as one of the member’s four (4) allowable service calls per membership year. Batteries are available for most makes and models. Battery prices vary depending on vehicle make and model. Warranty valid in the United States and Canada. Copies of the warranties are available for inspection from the technician at any time upon request. Membership Roadside Assistance terms and conditions apply to mobile AAA Battery Service. See the member guide for details.

6Electronic proof of insurance may not be valid as proof in all states. Please keep your hard copy version on hand. Must be a current AAA member and insured through AAA to use this feature. 

7Although AAA strives to obtain as many station prices as possible, it does not guarantee that it will receive a price for every station every day. AAA does not guarantee the accuracy of these prices as they can change at a moment’s notice. Therefore, there may be a station which is not reported, but does have a lower price.

8Available for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones. Message, data and roaming rates may apply. Mobile text messages are intended for subscribers over the age of 18 and are delivered via USA short code 86792. For help email, or call 1-800-222-8794See terms and conditions, and our privacy notice. The number of messages received will depend on the frequency of your use of the Auto Club App Program. You may stop mobile subscriptions at any time by messaging STOP to short code 86792. If you text STOP we will send a single confirmation text. Must be a current member of AAA to use certain features.

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