AAA Auto Pay Terms and Conditions


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I declare that I am an authorized signer on the credit/debit or checking account I entered. By clicking on the Submit button, I am hereby authorizing you to charge or debit the account, as applicable, indicated for all amounts relating to my membership that become due by me to you. These amounts include, without limitation, all membership dues, and all related finance charges, late payment, and other fees and to charge or debit the same to such account, as applicable, for the membership specified above. All fees are subject to change.


Each year before your membership expires, we'll send a statement of your current services and renewal dues amount. You'll have plenty of time to make changes, if you wish. Unless you contact us to make changes to or cancel AAA Auto Pay, we will automatically renew your membership and charge or debit the dues shown on your statement to your credit/debit card or checking account on file, as applicable, approximately 10 to 15 days prior to your renewal date or, if you selected payment by e-checks, to your checking account on approximately your renewal date. You may cancel AAA Auto Pay at any time by contacting us. If your VISA/MasterCard credit/debit card issuing bank participates in the Card Account Updater program, unless you Opt Out of the service with your issuing bank, we may receive updated credit/debit card account number and/or expiration date for the card information you have previously provided us. We will update our files and use the new information when we bill you for your annual membership dues. We won't receive updated information if your account has been closed.


Discount on Renewal


Must be enrolled in AAA Auto Pay at time of renewal for discount to apply.


Discounts apply to this membership household only, are for promotional purposes, non-refundable, non-transferable and have no cash value. Discounts not valid after offer expires or membership cancels, and subject to discount offer terms and conditions. Stated discounts may change if membership benefit level changes.