Last updated: June 9, 2020

AAA OnBoard® Programs, Services, and Rules

This document provides a general description of the AAA OnBoard programs (Programs), services (Services), and program rules and eligibility requirements (Program Rules). To participate in any Program, you must install the AAA OnBoard mobile application (OnBoard App) on a compatible mobile device and enroll in the Program using the OnBoard App. Your participation in any Program is also subject to the terms and conditions of your membership. You may incur additional mobile data charges depending on your mobile data plan. The TOU is available at (Website). Not all Programs or Services described below are available in all states. The words “AAA”, “we”, “us”, or “our” refer to the local AAA club and AAA affiliated insurance company


Programs and Services. All Programs include some Services that require the transmission of vehicle or mobile device information to us (including location, miles driven, speed, braking, acceleration, time and day of the week, phone usage both in hand and passive while driving,). Vehicle or mobile device information will help us provide you Services, conduct research, test and improve the Programs, develop new services, and develop new insurance rates, discounts and programs. We may make changes to the Services or stop offering a Service for any Program. Services vary by state and not all Services are available in every state. The current Services that may be available to you include. 


  • Insurance Program – AAA OnBoard Mobile App Program. If offered in your state, you can enroll in an insurance program where you can use the OnBoard App to provide information to your AAA affiliated insurance company on your driving behavior, including driving characteristics such as speed, braking, acceleration, phone usage (i.e., distracted driving), trip regularity and time and day of the week. The driving behavior information reported by the OnBoard App may be used to determine a driving score at renewal and to qualify you for an insurance discount, depending on your state. This Program may also include an interactive mobile application that tracks driving performance and trips. 


Program Rules: To participate in a Program, you must comply with its Rules, including the following:


  • You must have a current AAA membership. If you cancel your membership or it is otherwise terminated, you cannot participate in a Program.
  • You have agreed and accepted the AAA OnBoard Terms of Use (“TOU”) and signed the consent form.
  • Participating vehicles must be insured by an AAA affiliated insurance company.
  • You must be a named insured on an automobile insurance policy with a AAA affiliated insurance company that offers the Program in your state in order to enroll in an insurance Program and designate other qualifying vehicles to enroll in the insurance Program.
  • You must be a resident of a state where the local AAA club or the AAA affiliated insurance company offers the Program.
  • You must maintain the confidentiality of access codes or passwords you create to use a Service and notify us immediately of any unauthorized use or disclosure.
  • You may not use the Services for commercial or illegal purposes, including the unlawful surveillance of a person.


How to Contact Us. You can contact us by email ( or by phone (1-866-295-1042) to end your participation in a Program. You can also contact us by mail at: AAA OnBoard Program / AAA, Mailstop A105, 3333 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626