We value your privacy and are informing you about the treatment of your personal information in our AAA OnBoard Program, which uses a mobile application (“App”) to collect information about vehicles you drive.


This Privacy Statement is provided on behalf of your local AAA club, your AAA affiliated automobile insurance company and their affiliates and agents, as applicable. It is in addition to promises we may have made with other privacy statements.  





We may change this Privacy Statement from time to time. If we do so, we will post the updated statement to the AAA OnBoard Program’s website at https://aaa.com/onboard. Please visit this website regularly for the current version. 





Our Insurance Program provides discounts and collects driving behavior information (e.g., excessive speeding, time of day & day of week, braking, and in some states trip regularity and distracted driving) as factors to determine your premium. It uses an App that continuously collects information, determines when you are driving and displays your driving behavior and trip history to generate a “driving score.”





We collect information about you, such as name, address, e-mail address, phone number, vehicle VIN and other personal information when you sign up for the Program.  Depending your Program’s version (i.e., “current” or “new” version), we also collect or derive from the App:


  • Your mode of transportation (e.g., vehicle) and then determine whether you are the driver or a passenger for each trip.  In the event, you dispute this determination you have 7 days to manually reclassify the trip. 
  • Driving behavior information (e.g., speed, hard braking, time of day and day of week, and in those states offering the new version of the program: trip regularity and use of device (i.e., “phone”) while driving (i.e., distracted driving); 
    • When driving, trip event information including duration, start and end time, and total distance;
    • Active and passive phone usage information during trip events including if phone is in hand or hands-free, and swiping, scrolling, or being moved or used;
  • Information from the App such as App version;
  • Information from your phone’s sensors and operating system including the use of global position systems, inertial measurements, operating system data, the phone type, phone vendor, and phone number or device ID.





The information we collect assists us in many ways. For example, your driving behavior information helps us calculate your premium and may provide you an insurance discount.  For those enrolled in the new Program, phone usage information (i.e., distracted driving) is used for rating purposes. Phone usage information for those enrolled in the current program is used for research and not rating purposes.  


We may also use information we collect: 


  • to communicate with you about the Program and other products and services;
  • to determine if you are eligible for our Program and other products and services, including insurance discounts;
  • to improve products and services and develop new ones;
  • for research and analysis purposes;
  • to comply with legal requests, such as court orders and subpoenas;
  • for other business purposes, and as otherwise permitted by law.


 We may share the information we collect with our affiliates, AAA’s national federation, and other third parties for these purposes. We may also share your information including location information with third parties as permitted by law.


If you have an insurance claim, we will not use information collected by the App without your consent unless we are required to share it with third parties, including civil litigants, law enforcement, or other government entities under a subpoena or when required by law.


We may depersonalize the information we collect so that you cannot be identified, and then use or share the depersonalized information with any third party for any purpose.





We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect your personal information. We require our partners, employees, and vendors to keep it confidential. Access is given only to those who need it for their duties. We review the information security practices of vendors with whom we share your information.





If you have questions, contact us at support@aaa-onboard.com, or at AAA OnBoard Program/AAA, Mailstop A105, 3333 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626