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How you drive could save you money on auto insurance

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Save up to 30% on your next auto insurance renewal with AAA OnBoard®

AAA OnBoard allows auto insurance policyholders in select areas to receive a discount on their insurance premium depending on the way their vehicle is driven. If you sign up for AAA OnBoard, you'll receive up to 5% off your auto insurance policy upon activation. Based on your Driving Score, you could also save up to 30% at your next renewal once enough driving data is collected.1

With the AAA OnBoard, you’ll have access to:

Insurance discounts

Calculated based on your Driving Score

Your Driving Score

Calculated based on time driving during high-risk hours, as well as the number of hard braking and speeding events

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Getting started is easy
  1. Visit a branch or give us a call to register for AAA OnBoard.

  2. Download the Auto Club App. You can text OnBoard to 86792 for a direct link.

  3. Click “Activate Now” to complete your setup.

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