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Collision insurance

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Collision insurance protects you on & off the road

Collision insurance is a type of auto insurance coverage that pays for damage to your vehicle from an accidental collision with another car or object. Your insurance company pays for damages, the cost of repairs (less your deductible), or the actual cash value of your car, whichever is less, regardless of who is at fault.

What options do I have for collision coverage deductibles?

Your deductible is how much you'll pay before your collision coverage applies to your loss. Deductibles can vary depending on your location and circumstances. Choosing a higher deductible will lower your monthly premiums, but keep in mind that if you have an accident, you'll have to cover the deductible out of pocket before your insurance starts paying for the damages.


What does collision insurance cover?

Some of the scenarios your collision insurance covers are:

  • You hit or are hit by another vehicle
  • You hit an object such as a tree or parking meter while driving your car
  • Someone hits your parked vehicle

Accidental damage to your vehicle is considered under collision coverage regardless of who is at fault.


What isn't covered by collision insurance?

Collision coverage doesn't apply to normal wear and tear. It also doesn't cover engine failure or other mechanical problems. To pay for damages if your vehicle is stolen, you hit an animal crossing the road, or your windshield is damaged by road debris,  you'll need comprehensive coverage


Should I get collision coverage?

Collision insurance is a good way to protect your car, but there may be times it doesn’t make sense. Collision coverage isn't required by law, so if your vehicle is older or has a value equal or almost equal to your deductible, you may decide not to carry collision coverage. If you're financing or leasing your vehicle, the lienholder or lessor will likely require collision coverage.


Collision coverage with car insurance through AAA

Examples of collision insurance

For the following scenarios, we'll assume you drive a newer vehicle with an actual cash value of $20,000. Regardless of the amount of damages, the most your insurance will pay is the actual cash value of your vehicle.


Scenario 1

You're in an accident on the freeway with another driver and are found at fault. Repairs to your car will cost $10,000, and you have collision coverage with a $500 deductible. You pay $500 and your collision insurance pays $9,500 to repair your car. Repairs to the other vehicle involved in the accident would be covered by your liability coverage.


Scenario 2

You take a corner too sharply and hit the guard post on your way out of a parking garage. It costs $10,000 to repair your car, and you have collision coverage with a $500 deductible. You pay $500 for repairs, and your insurance covers the remaining $9,500.



Working with your AAA insurance agent to discuss your options is a good way to make sure all your insurance needs are covered. You can also sign in to your online AAA account to review your policies and coverage.


More types of insurance coverage

Uninsured collision coverage
Uninsured collision

If you're hit by an uninsured motorist and you have uninsured collision coverage, your insurance company will pay for the damage to your car or its actual cash value (whichever is less) up to $3,500. This coverage only applies if you're legally entitled to recover damages from another party and certain other conditions are met. For more information, get a quote or call an agent.


Uninsured collision coverage is only available in California.

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Comprehensive insurance coverage

Comprehensive insurance pays for the damage to your vehicle that's not caused by a collision or rollover.

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Medical payments coverage

Medical payments coverage pays for medical expenses if you and/or your passengers are injured in an accident, regardless of who's at fault.

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Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Uninsured motorist property damage coverage availability and requirements may differ by states. 

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Automobile liability insurance

With ever-increasing medical costs and damage to expensive property, the minimum coverage limits required by law may not be enough.

Your policies & coverage 

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My auto policy

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Contact an agent

AAA agents are available to help you file a claim, and to answer questions about your coverage, limits, or deductibles.