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Insurance discounts

On top of our competitive rates, you could save even more with discounts based on your combined policies, vehicles, and more.

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AAA OnBoard®

Safe drivers receive a discount on their insurance premium in select areas based on how they drive.

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Rest assured if you have an insurance claim

Our policyholders have counted on AAA for years to provide the legendary service we’re known for. You can contact us any time to report a claim. Our AAA Member Preferred Repairs program includes priority service and a lifetime warranty4 on workmanship. And we’ll help you after a crash and get your claims process started with AAA Accident Assist.5

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Understanding your coverage

Getting to the bottom of what your auto insurance really covers can be tricky. How does comprehensive coverage differ from collision coverage? What’s an “excess” medical payment? We break it down so you can better understand your policy.

Get a free auto insurance policy review

Want to make sure you’re getting all the savings you can? Contact us today for a complimentary AAA policy review where we’ll explain your coverage options and available discounts. We’ll also review the drivers, cars, mileage, discounts, and deductibles on your policy.

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California Policyholder Savings Dividend

For years, we’ve continued to grow thanks to our loyal members and insureds. As an auto insurance policyholder in California, you could receive money back just for insuring through the Auto Club. While these dividends are not guaranteed, and the amount may vary, they have been paid each year since 1990.


  • In 2020, the average auto Policyholder Savings Dividend was $202.
  • In 2019, the average auto Policyholder Savings Dividend was $194.
  • In 2018, the average auto Policyholder Savings Dividend was $186.

1Auto Club County Mutual Insurance Company (auto) and Auto Club Indemnity Company (home) provide AAA insurance coverage for Texas residents. Each listed insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own products.

2A.M. Best ratings apply to the following AAA insurers: A+ (Superior) for Auto Club Casualty Company, Auto Club County Mutual Insurance Company, Auto Club Family Insurance Company, Auto Club Indemnity Company, Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange, and Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club. Ratings effective March 2021.

3To receive the up to 15% Activation discount on a vehicle, one must enroll and accept AAA OnBoard program's Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, download the Auto Club app and successfully activate AAA OnBoard on a qualifying smartphone. The 15% Activation discount is pro-rated on the remaining policy term. To qualify for the up to 30% AAA OnBoard Driving Score discount at subsequent renewal, the app must be used for a certain amount of time and record a certain number of trips. The new higher 15% and 30% discounts are effective 9/1/19. Discounts are conditional, vary by policy and may be mutually exclusive and apply to select coverages.

4The lifetime warranty on workmanship applies to each claims repair under the program. A facility must first be given the chance to correct the issue before AAA facilitates correcting the issue. Parts and materials, normal wear and tear, rust, and damage from unreasonable use, improper maintenance, and modifications are excluded. The warranty is non-transferable, and does not apply to those with liability-only or other limited coverage. Other restrictions apply. Product not available in all markets.

5For members with liability-only or other limited coverage with AAA’s affiliate insurer, roadside assistance service is provided under your membership (not your insurance policy), and may be subject to membership restrictions. Repairs, rentals, and other benefits are subject to policy coverages and limits. Product not available in all markets.

Average savings claims from a 7/1/18–6/30/19 new insured survey of those who switched to AAA coverage and reported savings. Residents from the following states where an Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group (AMB# 018515) insurer offers insurance were surveyed: AL, AR, CA, HI, IL, IN, KS, LA, ME, MO, MS, NH, NM, TX, and VT.

Discounts are conditional, vary by policy, and may be mutually exclusive and apply to select coverages.

Separate purchase of AAA membership is generally required to obtain and renew AAA insurance.

AAA insurance is a collection of AAA branded products, services and programs available (where authorized) to qualified AAA members.  AAA personal lines insurance is provided by Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club in CA, HI, NM, ME, NH, PA, VA and VT; by Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange (ACIIE) and Auto Club Family Insurance Company in AL, AR, IL, IN, KS, LA, MS and MO; by Auto Club Indemnity Company in OH, KY and WV ;  Insurance may also be provided by independent carriers.  Life insurance is underwritten by AAA Life Insurance Company, Livonia, MI.  AAA Life is licensed in all states, except NY.  The Motor Club or its affiliates act as an authorized agent for insurers they sell insurance on behalf of, including AAA Life and AAA affiliate insurers. Personal lines insurance may not be available in every state or throughout a state. Please consult your local AAA agent.

HOME AND RENTERS COVERAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN LOUISIANA (LA). Auto insurance in LA is offered by ACIIE. Insurance coverage is not available in NY.

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