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Trust is at the heart of some of life’s most important decisions, so why don’t we know more about how—or why—we trust?

With AAA Insurance as a partner, these explainer videos from Vox Creative dive into unexpected questions around the past, present and future of trust, from imagining the future of handshakes in the wake of Covid-19, to examining the Old Norse origins of the word "trust."

1. Why a medieval gesture of trust might not last in a socially distant future

As the COVID-19 pandemic began, one of the first big cultural shifts was the end of the physical handshake as a greeting. Examine the history of shaking hands through millennia, why it has persisted for so long, and what the future of greetings might look like.

2. How Viking invasions brought trust to the English language—literally

Where did the word “trust” come from, anyway? Tracing it back to its roots in the ancestral Indo-European language reveals a surprising connection with the natural world, with some help from Vikings along the way.

3. Why sharing secret recipes is about more than making food

Passing down a recipe isn’t just passing down instructions—it’s a way of entrusting something secret to another person. From family heirloom dishes to corporate formulas, see how a flashcard with ingredients on it can turn into so much more.

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