How to 'insure' yourself against paranormal activity

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October 31 will be here before you know it. To prepare, we’re spotlighting a few insurance policies that dabble in the . . . unusual. It's an understatement to say these policies protect against unlikely occurrences, but some folks are looking for top-to-bottom peace of mind. (If nothing else, more than a few such plans have been gifted as gags, so keep them in mind for the holidays!)

Alien abduction insurance

Maybe you’re a diehard believer in UFOs and little green men. Maybe you're skeptical but want protection just in case. To cover your bases, you can buy $10 million of UFO Abduction Insurance, offered tongue-in-cheek by Florida's Saint Lawrence Agency since 1987, for about $20.

Keep in mind that you'll need to furnish proof of your alien abduction, so make sure to get all the requisite signatures on the claim form during your otherworldly visitation.

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Paranormal protection

There are also policies to guard against more down-to-Earth paranormal damages. For example, the Spooksafe policy offered by specialty insurer Ultraviolet compensates for injury or death at the hands of ghosts and poltergeists. It also covers you in the event you suffer physical or psychological trauma after being turned into a vampire or werewolf—which seems a little more likely this time of year.


Spiders are a fixture of many people's fears, and hence a common motif around Halloween, even though most species around the house are harmless or even beneficial. Much more frightening (in insurance terms) are termites, hornets, and rats, which are lot more likely to damage property or become a nuisance.

Home insurance usually doesn't cover this sort of damage, so if your nightmares are filled with termite frass or rat droppings instead of ghosts, consider a pest insurance policy from a local provider.

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