What kind of insurance do Halloween monsters need?

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Halloween is a time for monsters to run wild, but the rest of the year, they have everyday things to worry about. 

Even monsters have finances to protect, not to mention the potential liabilities of biting, clawing, and hexing the rest of us mortals. We look at the kinds of insurance 5 classic Halloween monsters should consider, given their unique circumstances.

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Mummies: Home insurance

Mummies call pyramids home and count their gold and other riches as personal belongings. Sleeping for thousands of years, as mummies do, leaves them vulnerable to grave-robbers and the slow erosion of their pyramid over the eons. Home insurance covers both damage to their dwelling, as well as replacement of stolen belongings (though they'll need higher-than-average coverage limits.)

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Vampires: Travel insurance

You might think vampires would have little use for insurance. They live forever (no need for life or medical insurance) and can fly wherever they like in bat form (no auto insurance). But if they get blown off course while flying, or otherwise stranded far from home during daylight, travel insurance can help them make accommodations to get back to coffin sweet coffin. 

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Werewolves: Auto insurance

Werewolves need good auto insurance. Why? A werewolf may be out driving when the full moon rises and they change into were-form. If they accidentally shred their car's interior, comprehensive coverage can help pay to fix it. If they have trouble steering with their paws and crash into a utility pole, collision coverage will cover the damage to their car, and property damage coverage will cover the damage to the pole (up to the policy limit).

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Zombies: Renters insurance

Always on the move, the living dead are a perfect fit for renters insurance. It protects their personal belongings, such as the few articles of clothing they happened to be wearing when they turned into a zombie. It can also cover their personal liability, in case they're responsible for a zombie friend accidentally getting hurt at their home—say, if they slip and fall and their rotting limbs fall off. 

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Witches: Umbrella insurance

Hexes, potions, and spells can often have unintended consequences. If a witch accidentally turns the wrong person into a newt, personal umbrella insurance can protect her assets if that person brings a lawsuit against her. 

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