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How to make the most of a staycation

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Many travelers either can’t travel abroad right now, or don’t feel comfortable doing so yet. The good news is, if you’re opting to stick closer to home this year, a staycation can be its own fun experience—and even, just maybe, a profound new way to see the place where you live. Here are our tips to make the most out of your vacation time at home. 

1. Pretend you're a tourist

Maybe your overly familiar neighborhood or city seems stale at this point. Prep for your staycation by putting on your tourist goggles and seeing things the way an out-of-towner would. Or imagine how you'd guide a newcomer around town and show them the sights. You’ll be amazed how quickly its sightseeing appeal goes up—and how many surprise discoveries you’ll find hiding in plain sight.

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2. Go on a culinary safari

Along similar lines, some of the most satisfying surprise discoveries will come if you venture out in day-tripping distance to find some new places to eat. This’ll likely take you to new neighborhoods, new suburbs, new small towns—and boom, your world’s expanded within shouting distance of your own ZIP code. Plus, you’ll probably find at least a couple new go-to places.

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3. Get some sun

Many of us seek out sunshine for a vacation, and as it happens—particularly this time of year—that's easy to come by in one’s own backyard. With your eyes closed, your yard and a tropical beach look the same, put on your sunblock, crack out the lawn chairs, and soak up the friendly rays. For an extra dose of vacation feeling, put on a background audio track with beach sounds. 

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4. Declare a spa day

Make me-time the centerpiece of your staycation. Treat yourself to a home spa session (or 5). Take it from us: You deserve to spend a day on yourself.

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5. Pack like it's a real vacation

So maybe you aren’t going to the Virgin Islands or the French Riviera this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t pack like you are. The psychological effect of laying out a wardrobe, choosing a couple of “beach reads,” and assembling other items for your not-quite-getaway can help you get into the vacation mindset.

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6. Camp out at home

Camping at national and state parks has seen a major resurgence in popularity this year, but you can also pitch a tent at home. It can be a surprisingly all-ages blast to tent out in the backyard—or even your living room. Break out the sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, and star guide to enjoy a change of nocturnal scenery that’ll turn your domicile into a super-fun campsite.

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7. Resist the urge to tackle house & office work

For adults, this is the gnarliest challenge in trying to pull off a staycation. There’s no surefire solution—you just have to keep reminding yourself that this is a rejuvenating, soul-nourishing staycation. Even if there are a million projects to do around the house, and even if your work email’s calling out to you, set those demands aside and concentrate on giving yourself at-home R&R that actually pays off productivity-wise in the long run.


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