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7 online AAA discounts you can use from home

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Going to be around the house a lot for the next few weeks?

AAA can help you save money on the things you may need if you're going to be home with kids or working remotely. 

1. Computers & other tech

Whether you're looking for a new TV or tablet for streaming, or a new laptop to work from home, AAA can help you save. Members get an additional 10% off Dell-branded PCs, electronics, and accessories when shopping online. Shop Dell online with AAA savings. Members can also save up to 35% on select HP products along with free shipping. Shop HP online with AAA savings.

2. Office supplies

If you're stocking up to work from home, members can save up to 75% on the Best Value List of preferred products at ODP Business Solutions™. Shop office supplies and save.

3. Snacks for streaming

Streaming is more fun when you've got something to snack on, and what's a better choice than popcorn? Members save 20% when shopping online at the Popcorn Factory. Get your AAA discount on popcorn. Or if you're looking for a more upscale treat, Winc offers personalized wine selections delivered straight to your door. AAA members can get a new subscription with 4 bottles for $29.95, including shipping. Learn more and take Winc's Palate Profile Quiz.

4. Flowers

If you're going to be at home for a while, you might want to brighten up your decor with some flowers. Members can get up to 25% off flowers from Get your AAA discount on flowers.

5. SimpliSafe

AAA has teamed up with SimpliSafe to provide a member discount on award-winning home security. Members get 15% off their customized SimpliSafe system, an HD indoor security camera, plus a free month of monitoring services. Learn more and shop SimpliSafe.

6. Ready America

Ready America sells emergency kits, evacuation kits for pets, pool pumps, and other supplies online to help prepare for natural disasters. They offer AAA discounts up to 36% through their exclusive Disaster Preparedness Program for members. Shop Ready America supplies and save. Offer not available in Hawai‘i.

7. Home Chef 

Home Chef offers members 21 free meals when they subscribe to the meal kit delivery service as a new customer. You'll get 60% off your first 3 boxes, 30% off your fourth box, and 20% off your fifth box. Customize each week's delivery of pre-apportioned ingredients for chef-designed recipes. Learn more and sign up for Home Chef. Offer not available in Hawai‘i.

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