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Gift ideas for moms, dads, & grads

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For those looking to show moms, dads, and hard-working students how much they're appreciated, it’s time to think about gifts.

Are your mom and dad looking for help with the next home improvement project? Does your graduate need a new computer or something to dress up their apartment? We look at gift options that come with savings for AAA members.


Tech & toys for mom & dad

  • A new sports car is probably too pricey for Father’s Day, but what about something to keep his current set of wheels looking new and sporty? A car care set with car wash, detailer, and microfiber cloth could be the perfect gift. Save on a car care set from Zymol.
  • Smartphones make it easier than ever to take digital pictures, but sometimes you want a hard copy. Get your mom or dad an HP Sprocket photo printer so they can print photos right from a mobile device and make photo albums or share copies with friends and family. Get AAA savings at the store.

Tech & toys for grads

  • If your graduate got their current computer in freshman year, it might be time to upgrade. Dell's XPS 13 is a popular choice that combines style and power in a compact package. Get AAA savings on Dell or HP computers. 

Dining & entertainment ideas for mom & dad


Dining & entertainment ideas for grads


Apparel ideas for mom & dad


Home gift ideas for mom & dad


Home gift ideas for grads

  • Another way to turn frames into a gift is to buy your grad poster-sized frames to use once they move into their first post-college apartment. They can fill the frames with whatever suits their style, lending character to their living space that will make it feel like home.

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