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How meal kits can suit different lifestyles

If you’re looking to switch up your typical dinner routine, consider a meal kit delivery service. 

One of the main draws of a meal kit delivery service is convenience: Simply pick from a selection of meals along with your desired delivery date, and you’ll receive a box with the recipes and ingredients portioned to the number of servings you need. 

You won’t have to worry about planning out a menu or how much of which ingredients you need to buy at the grocery store, not to mention transporting, storing, and preparing all those groceries throughout the week. 

Wondering if a meal kit is a good choice for you? Home Chef offers a variety of options based on palate, cooking experience, and even time needed to prepare. Find out which best suits your needs.

Home Chef offers a variety of recipes like parmesan-crusted shrimp with fettuccine and pork lettuce cups.

You want to explore new recipes

Running out of fresh ideas for your weekly dinner menu? Whether you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to eat the same thing too often, or you’re searching for new staples to add to your menu rotation, meal kit services make it easier to try something new.

For each delivery, you’ll choose from a variety of recipes available that week. Thanks to the designated portion sizes, you won’t have to worry about chipping away at leftovers of dishes you didn’t enjoy. And if you do find something you want to repeat or recreate, you can refer to the recipe card. Many meal kit services also keep a digital library of the recipes you’ve ordered that you can access from your account even if you aren’t ordering another shipment.


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You’re curious about special ingredients

If you’re interested in broadening your culinary horizons, turn to meal kits to expand your palate as well as your cooking prowess. As you browse recipes for your upcoming deliveries, you’ll likely see spices, sauces, or even produce that wouldn’t be part of your usual grocery list. 

The Culinary Collection from Home Chef features premium ingredients, giving you a chance to try out ingredients that might usually be expensive, unfamiliar, or hard to find. Plus, you’ll have clear instructions on how to cook these special ingredients thanks to the included recipes.

You need to get dinner on the table quickly

Being busy doesn’t mean you have to rely on takeout or fast food; meal kits are a great option if you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen but still want to sit down with the family to enjoy a home-cooked meal. 

There are many options you can prepare in 30 minutes or less. Home Chef even has meal kits that cut prep and cook time down to 10-15 minutes, so you can quickly whip something up and keep your schedule moving. As you’re making meal selections for the week, each recipe will specify how long you need to prepare it. Make sure to add quicker meals for the days you know you’ll be pressed for time. 

Cooking for a group? Family Meal kits from Home Chef start with servings for 4 people, but you can also increase the number of servings for recipes that aren’t part of this category.

Try cooking dinner together for a date night at home.

You’re looking for a fun activity

Instead of taking your date out to a restaurant, why not prepare a meal together? You’ll have even less to prepare with a meal kit, which means you’ll have that much extra time to get your space—and yourself—ready. 

Turn on some fun music, set out your ingredients, and enjoy a date night in the comfort of your home. Cooking together can strengthen your communication and collaboration as a couple, all while building up your culinary skills. And once the food is ready to be served, you’ll both be rewarded with a delicious meal to share.

Want to add a special touch? Home Chef offers add-ons including appetizers, bread, salads, and even desserts so you can transform your dinner into a full-course meal. 

You don’t feel like cooking

There are some days you want a warm meal but just don’t want to cook, whether you’re coming back from a hectic workday, you’re not feeling well enough to spend much time in the kitchen, or you simply want to rest and relax. 

Look for options that you can simply pop into the oven or microwave, such as Fast & Fresh options from Home Chef. These require minimal effort but still deliver a warm, nourishing meal that could be even more convenient than fast food since you won’t even have to leave home. 

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