Subcompact and Compact Cars

Audi A4 | MSRP: $37,000–$52,500

Want a luxury compact car? Put this at the top of the list. 

Chevrolet Cruze | MSRP: $20,495–$30,500

Good-looking, fun to drive, and easy on your wallet.

Toyota Yaris | MSRP: $16,370–$20,000

A great ride in town, but not well suited for long drives.

Honda Fit | MSRP: $17,085–$21,415

Big on style, economy, versatility, and fun.

Midsize and Large Cars

Audi A5 | MSRP: $45,175–$56,253

A sporty car that makes transportation easier.

BMW 530i | MSRP: $54,395–$77,500

With the 530i, BMW delivers the "Ultimate Cruising Machine."

Toyota Camry | MSRP: $24,765–$39,000

The latest version of this reliable sedan adds excitement to the mix.

Nissan Maxima | MSRP: $34,315–$42,000

Unusual design features distinguish the Maxima from boring sedans.

Lincoln Continental | MSRP: $47,150–$72,500

The latest edition stays true to its luxury-car roots.

Kia Stinger GT | $33,985–$40,295

The Kia Stinger GT is long on value.

Midsize and Large SUVs

Audi Q7 | MSRP: $54,545–$83,500

A crossover that shines in driving dynamics and technology.

Buick Enclave Avenir | MSRP: $41,195–$54,695

A competent, comfortable, and not especially costly SUV.

Volkswagen Atlas V6 SEL 4Motion | MSRP: $31,890–$51,000

A roomy SUV with a German accent.

Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic SE | MSRP: $50,975–$67,740

Stylish and capable, but the digital interface needs some work.

Ford Explorer | MSRP: $33,360–$55,160

A bit long in the tooth, but the Explorer remains a consumer favorite.

Mazda CX-9 | MSRP: $33,275–$47,845

A classy midsize SUV that looks and performs above its pay grade.

Ford Expedition Limited 4WD | MSRP: $53,426–$72,655

Need to carry a crowd or tow a big trailer? This is your SUV.

Subaru Ascent Premium | MSRP: $32,970–$36,630

A comfy, practical—if not sporty handling—SUV.

Pickup Trucks and Minivans

Chrysler Pacifica | MSRP: $41,390–$47,500

Plug-in hybrid minivan is an industry first, and it works quite well. 

Toyota Tacoma | MSRP: $25,550–$49,000

On city streets and dusty trails alike, it’s a cult favorite among midsize pickups.

Nissan Titan | MSRP: $30,030–$60,500

A worthy alternative to full-size pickups from Detroit.

Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4: MSRP: $33,490–$50,525

The Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 is about as nice as a pickup truck can be.

Ford Ranger | MSRP: $25,495–$35,635

Gets the job done, but lacks pizzazz.

Honda Ridgeline | MSRP: $31,035–$42,915

The utility of a pickup and the comfort and convenience of a crossover.

Nissan Frontier | MSRP: $20,035–$37,000

This reliable pickup is still haulin' after all these years.

Ford F-150 4x4 Supercrew | MSRP: $46,970–$60,475

America’s favorite vehicle keeps rollin’ on.    

Ford Super Duty F-250 Platinum | MSRP: $35,400–$74,075

The Ford F-250 provides a decent balance of capability and civility.

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Limited | MSRP: $33,840–$74,910)

Think of the Ram 1500 as a fuel-efficient midsize sedan with a really big trunk.

Subcompact and Compact SUVs, and Wagons

BMW X1 | MSRP: $36,000–$47,000

Prestige and practicality at a decent price.

Buick Encore | MSRP: $24,500–$30,500

This modern riff on the traditional station wagon is a dandy runabout.

Toyota C-HR | MSRP: $21,990–$30,000

This crossover has attention-grabbing looks, but underwhelming performance.

Volvo XC40 T5 AWD R-Design | MSRP: $34,700–$49,000

With stand-out safety features, this is definitely not your old man’s Volvo.

Lexus UX 250h F Sport Luxury | MSRP: $33,000–$40,200

This crossover offers lots of technology and refinement, as expected from Lexus.

Subaru Crosstrek | MSRP: $22,870–$34,000

For a starting price around $23,000, you get a lot of bang for the buck.

Buick Regal TourX Essence AWD | MSRP: $29,995–$40,360

This station wagon's clean design and spacious cabin make for a comfortable long-distance cruiser.

BMW X3 | MSRP: $41,995–$55,970

Third time’s the charm for this latest X3 generation.

Toyota C-HR | MSRP: $21,990-$30,000

This crossover has attention-grabbing looks, but underwhelming performance.

Jaguar XF Sportbrake S AWD | MSRP: $71,445-$84,245

With abundant power and sexy styling, the Sportbrake is for those who enjoy driving.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack TSI SE 4Motion | MSRP: $26,900-$36,000

A practical wagon with the soul of a sports sedan.

Ford EcoSport Titanium FWD | MSRP: $25,750-$28,300

Not eco or sporty enough to warrant its name.

Hybrids, EVs, and Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

Chevrolet Bolt | MSRP: $37,495–$44,290

A long-range EV that just might be the future of personal transportation.

Nissan Leaf | MSRP: $29,990–$36,851

The second-generation Leaf could change your mind about electric cars.

Toyota Prius | MSRP: $24,395–$33,861

For value, reliability, and fuel economy, it’s the hands-down champ.

Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE | MSRP: $80,500–$93,630

One of the best sporty crossover SUVs you can buy.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD | MSRP: $35,000–$56,000

A first-rate sports sedan in its own right.

Tesla Model S 100 | MSRP: $135,000–$144,700

The first mass-production EV retains its panache nearly a decade on.

Honda Insight Touring Hybrid | $28,100–$29,000

A high-mileage, reasonably priced hybrid with a good deal of refinement.

Kia Niro | MSRP: $24,430–$34,000

A versatile hybrid that's a tad short on glam.

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