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5 Six Flags Fright Fest mazes you shouldn't miss

Six Flags parks all across the country celebrate this time of year with Fright Fest, adding in scare zones and haunted attractions on top of the rides and thrills you already love.

To celebrate the spooky season, we’re highlighting some of our favorite scares from Six Flags parks across the country.

Six Flags Over Texas 

Hell Block 6 maze

Hell Block 6

This maze takes place in a prison. You’ve been accused of a crime you didn’t commit, but upon entering the warden’s courtroom you soon realize "innocent until proven guilty" doesn’t apply here. You’re immediately escorted to the scariest prison imaginable where the inmates are pure evil, hoping you’ll be their next victim. If you think bringing family or friends along will help, think again. Participants can easily become separated in this thrilling maze that is guaranteed to warrant screams from the bravest thrill seekers.

Blackout maze


It is always exciting to see such innovative ways Fright Fest conjures up scares, and often the most terrifying situations are centered around our most basic fears. In the case of the iconic maze Blackout, prepare to have your fear of darkness exploited. This is the only maze that leaves visitors completely in the dark, so you’ll have to feel and fumble through spider-webs, over scurrying critters, and more. And if your eyes ever adjust and you do happen to catch a glimpse of the beings that roam this maze, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas 

Midnight Museum of the Macabre

Midnight Museum of the Macabre

Take a step back into time where you can pursue your darkest curiosities. Whether you fear creepy dolls that stare hauntingly at you, or unidentified objects stored in formaldehyde, rest assured you will find what you seek at the Midnight Museum of the Macabre. Beware: As you enter each room, you may encounter unusual characters who are sure to give you a scare. 

Blood Bayou maze

Blood Bayou

This open-air haunted house takes you through an eerie bayou full of outdoor sound effects to ensure you feel fully immersed in this outdoor nightmare. You will encounter deadly campsites, scary swamps with alligators chomping at the bit, and plenty of scares around the bend. 

Six Flags St. Louis

Zombieville scare zone

Freaks Unleashed show at Zombieville scare zone

As you approach Zombieville, you can feel their presence lurking in the dark. A sign warns “Do Not Feed Zombies”, but pyrotechnics at the Palace Porch draw you closer. Reaching the porch of the place, you're distracted by the savages' rituals, when suddenly there are beasts unloading from an approaching freight train, looking for prey and causing chaos. 

Six Flags Fright Fest

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