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Drive like a pro at Exotics Racing

Three sports cars driving at high speed toward the camera at Exotics Racing

We've all watched a classic movie car chase - expensive cars showing off their power - and longed for a taste of that exhilaration. 

If you want to drive like a professional and get that experience for yourself, Exotics Racing is the place to go to satisfy your need for speed. Exotics Racing has locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. At Exotics Racing, you can rent a luxury car to take around a track as fast as you dare, or ride shotgun with a professional driver who will give you the thrill of high speed drifting. Here are a few tips to get the most bang for your buck at Exotics Racing. 

Exotic Gallery Cars

Do your research

Check out the car options online before your visit. You may already have a dream ride in mind, but you should still weigh your options. With many cars to choose from and each one different in design and capabilities, an amazing experience awaits, regardless of which one you choose. Also, take a look at the track. The 1.2-mile course includes a 1,600-foot straightaway for you to build speed, and eight turns to get a feel for the exotics handling prowess.

Exotic Cars Porsche

Listen to your guide

Colored cones mark where you should speed up and slow down. You'll want to press the brakes at the first set of the cones, turn at the second, and the floor it by the third set of cones. 

But when you’re driving at over 100 mph, noting each cone may be a challenging feat. That’s where your co-pilot, an Exotics representative, comes in. This isn't like driver's ed - your instructor is there to make sure you 're going as fast as you can. They're just making sure you all live to tell the tale.

Turning tips graphic

Don't let off the gas (too soon)

The thought of blasting around a race track might excite you right now, but you may start second-guessing your abilities once you’re actually behind the wheel of a $250,000 car. According to Exotics staff, 75% of people let off the gas too early, before the instructor tells them to do so. You have five laps to give it everything you’ve got, so don’t rob yourself of any adrenaline.

Race track turn

Be your own stunt double

Nothing is more exciting than those movie car chases, right? Get a video of your experience to show that you don’t even need a stunt double. You’ll get in the car, your Exotics instructor will plug in a jump drive, and everything from there on out will be recorded. What exactly will the video show? It will capture the track zipping past, your facial reactions to every twist and turn, and a digital dashboard displaying your speed, all shown in a movie starring you. Be sure not to squeal any obscenities if you plan on sharing the video with others. The package can include a DVD or digital files.

Ride along

Pass the keys

The best thrill ride in Southern California may not be on a roller coaster track! Most people come to Exotics for the rush of driving a racecar. Afterward, it may be time to hop in the passenger seat. Book reservations to ride shotgun with a professional driver, who will have you drifting around the bends. The driver goes through multiple sets of tires per day, which seems to be a pretty strong indication that you’ll have a good time.

AAA Recommends

Best 0-60 time

This category is a tie between two brands you may not expect: McLaren and Nissan. The Nissan GT-R and the McLaren 570s both go from 0-60 in three seconds flat. The 570s has a higher top speed, but the GT-R has smoother drivability.

Most unique experience

The EXR LV02 will give you a true racing experience. A full-on racecar with a tube-framed chassis, FIA-certified racing seats, stripped-to-essentials interior, a lightweight decaled exterior, and the best drivability in the fleet, this is the car to fulfill your racing fantasies!

Most high-end

If you’re all about the bragging rights, make sure your Exotics experience is in the car with the highest price tag. With a base market value of $300,000, the winner in this category is the Ferrari 488 GTB

Most Hollywood

You’ve seen Aston Martins in the Bond films for decades, and now you can drive your own with the Aston Martin DB11. Don’t bother looking for an eject button; this car is sleek even without the gadgets.

Best value

The Audi R8 V10 has many components of the ultra-luxury Lamborghini Huracan, but is actually faster. The Audi has all-wheel drive for maximum fun, but all at a lower price tag. Save extra on top of your AAA discount. 

Most efficient

The Acura NSX is equipped with some of the best technology in the fleet. Don't let the fact that it's a hybrid fool you - this one rates top marks for acceleration in the Exotics lineup. 

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