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Your guide to the creepiest & cleverest haunted houses at Canobie Lake Park

Opened in 1902 on the shores of Canobie Lake in Salem, New Hampshire, Canobie Lake Park is a popular destination for thrill rides, fried dough, and cotton candy.

Every Halloween during the October Screeemfest event, ghosts, ghouls, and trapped spirits descend on the park to haunt unsuspecting guests.

The scariest mazes

Canobie Lake Hotel maze

Winner – Canobie Lake Hotel

This haunted house is based on the Canobie Lake Hotel, located a few miles from Canobie Lake. Past guests have checked in and now refuse to leave. This hotel haunting comes complete with eerie sounds of children laughing, burned debris, and a full-service bar where you pay the tab or pay with your life. Canobie Lake Hotel wins the top prize for being scary, entertaining, and unpredictable.

The Village maze

Runner-up – The Village

Visitors to The Village may mistake the attraction for a typical corn maze. The scare factor quickly escalates as you encounter a cannibal barbecue, people wielding chainsaws, and a dense fog with no way out. You can attempt to get away by running, but you may be doomed by the deafening, disorienting sound of chainsaws and a fog too thick to see through. If you're looking for heart-pumping thrills, look no further than The Village. 

The most creative mazes

Facility 235 maze

Winner – Facility 235

New for Screeemfest in 2018 is Facility 235, a haunted house set after a nuclear meltdown. The facility's staff continues to roam and feed on the flesh of unsuspecting victims. Visitors to Facility 235 will lose themselves in the story with innovative special effects, remarkable costumes, and realistic makeup. Guests will sure to be impressed by the maze's set pieces, including a control room with a core reactor attached.

The Culling maze

Runner-up – The Culling

Have you ever wanted to experience a cult up close and personal? The Culling allows you to do just that. Set in a town where the population is mysteriously vanishing, this haunted attraction features fake blood, amazing laser effects, and an ominous cabin looming in a cornfield. The special effects and "scareactors" are so on point, you won't be able to tell who is real and who is fake.

Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest

Ready to feel the fear in person?

AAA members buy tickets to Screeemfest for $34 per person at any AAA Northern New England branch, or $42 at the gate.1 Once at the park, guests can skip the lines by buying a Screeem Express Pass, located at any guest service booth throughout the park. 

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