What to do & see at Legoland by age range

Visitors can see the life-size Ferrari F40 at Lego Ferrari Build and Race.

Legoland California is geared for kids ages 2-12, but the park has a variety of experiences that the entire family can enjoy.

AAA social media manager Jessica S. and her mother recently visited Legoland with her daughter and nephews whose ages range from 3-12. Jessica shares the best rides and attractions at Legoland for each age range, along with tips that made the visit easier for everyone. 

What’s the best age for Legoland?

While Legoland may be best for younger kids, Jessica says everyone was able to find a favorite activity or ride. Fortunately, planning a visit to Legoland for all ages is easier than ever thanks to an online tool that lets you filter rides by height requirements, and a mobile app that includes age and height restrictions for every attraction.

Best experiences at Legoland for all ages

Lego Ferrari Build and Race includes an area with different tracks and ramps where kids can test the cars they built.

Lego Ferrari Build and Race

Visitors can build, test, and race their own Lego Ferrari in 3 different areas featuring facts and history from the legendary Formula 1 team. “We spent 45 minutes building and racing our cars," Jessica says. "There are huge bins filled with every type of Lego piece imaginable, so all the kids were able to be as creative as they wanted, and none of the racecars we built were the same.”

Coast Cruise

For scenic views and a relaxing break, kids of all ages will love sailing by impressive Lego builds of iconic sites including Big Ben and the London Eye, Mount Rushmore, and the New York City skyline.

Kids can explore the all-new Lego Ninjago Training Camp play area.

Play areas

The Lego play areas are perfect to keep children of all ages entertained between rides or while older kids are waiting in line. Depending on the play area, your kids can build with Legos, slide, swing on ropes, climb rocks, or even play in water fountains and splash pads. “Even if you aren’t planning on visiting the splash pads, your kid may have a different idea, so bring a bathing suit, towel, or a change of clothes just in case,” Jessica says.

AAA tip: Brand new to Legoland is the Lego Ninjago Training Camp. It has play areas for kids of all ages to climb up high and spot invaders, spin down slides to battle imaginary dragons, and go on endless adventures in a giant play ship. Parents can join in the fun or take a break on the shaded benches in this fully fenced play area.

Legoland for kids aged 3 & under

Lego City: Deep Sea Adventure

Kids can board a submarine that will plunge them underwater to search for sunken treasure while discovering real sea life like tropical fish, rays, and sharks. “Seeing real animals is what made this ride so unique. The children loved feeling like they were in a giant aquarium,” Jessica says.

Legoland for ages 3-5

Lost Kingdom Adventure

This interactive, shooting-gallery ride takes kids back to ancient Egypt to find hidden treasure. “Everyone had a lot of fun blasting mummies, spiders, and other things with their lasers," Jessica says. "Even the younger kids enjoyed trying to hit as many targets as they could to earn the highest score.”

Legoland for ages 6-12

There are no tracks at Legoland Driving School, so kids have complete control of their cars.

Driving School

Kids will love cruising through the miniature city course in their own Lego car and the chance to get a Legoland driver’s license. Luckily for parents of younger children (ages 3-5), Legoland Junior Driving School is right next door and offers a similar experience on a smaller course. Jessica notes, “Kids of all ages had the best time at the Legoland driving schools. The courses are trackless, so they were really able to enjoy that feeling of independence.”

Legoland for ages 11 & older

The Lego Technic Coaster is perfect for older children looking for an adrenaline rush.

Lego Technic Coaster

Jessica recommends this rollercoaster for the thrill-seeking tweens in your group: “This was my 12-year-old’s favorite ride at the park. Once was enough for me, but she was able to get her grandma to ride it with her 2 more times while I waited with my younger nephews.”

Emmet's Flying Adventure Ride

While seated on a Triple Decker Flying Couch, guests will be lifted off the ground and transported all over The Lego Movie universe. The full-dome virtual screen, tilting seats, and wind and mist effects will make kids feel like they’re in the middle of the action.

AAA tip: If you’re visiting Legoland with kids in different age groups, Jessica suggests going to the park with another adult so you can take turns watching younger children who may not meet the minimum age and height restrictions of some rides. 

Food options at Legoland for all ages

When it comes to dining, Legoland has food and treats for every age group and palate. You can find traditional theme park staples like hamburgers and fries from the Burger Kitchen restaurant, pizza from the Pizza Mania stand, or sandwiches from The Market. You’ll also be able to satisfy your sweet tooth with churros, ice cream, and slushies at various locations.

If you’re looking for something more international, enjoy homemade ramen and rice bowls from Everything Ramen or a crepe made from scratch at City Park Creperie. “When it came to the food, the kids were huge fans of the Granny Smith apple fries. It was the perfect treat while we walked around the park,” Jessica says.

AAA tip: Legoland is a cashless park, so don’t forget to bring a debit or credit card. Jessica also recommends packing small snacks and bringing a water bottle that you can refill at stations throughout the park to ensure you stay hydrated.

Many attractions and venues are open in accordance with local government guidelines. Circumstances may have changed since publication; check attraction websites for current information and safety requirements.

Awesome awaits at LEGOLAND

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